Rebirth Princess

Author: Si Jin
Historical Romance
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What is Rebirth Princess

Read ‘Rebirth Princess’ Online for Free, written by the author Si Jin, This book is a Historical Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Qi Yu, the little military doctor of the military academy for two years, had not done enough positive things, yet she ha...


Qi Yu, the little military doctor of the military academy for two years, had not done enough positive things, yet she had actually died on her first mission! Her soul pierced through the foreign world, becoming the Qi Wangfei who had been hurt by her concubine. The good-for-nothing Prince was determined to get rid of her from the estate, while her concubine was pressing on her step by step. She, Qi Yu, could not take this lying down! Your Highness wants to divorce her? No way! 'My concubine wanted to harm me? ' Courting death! So what if her skills were not good? Casually picking up a few poisonous creatures was enough to make those people who despised her suffer a lot! When the Duke's Mansion was in a state of chaos, she proudly flung the letter of rest at him. "Chu Yi Xuan, you've been abandoned!" Chu Yi Xuan's expression was calm and his expression was ice-cold. "Esteemed wangfei, you're being mischievous again!"

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author your English is horrible a male is he a female is her the fl does not have a concubine she is just the first wife.


Reveal spoiler


I can hardly figure out what is going on. Machine translated or needs editing badly.


Atrocious editing. Well, more like zero editing. Couldn’t even sludge through the first chapter and wouldn’t even consider paying for a chapter of this. Sad.


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