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Rebirth: Over the Horizon


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[Horizon] A Virtual world where people did the things that they can't do in reality. But. Who would have thought that the world will end and the powers you accumulated on the game came to reality? I was just a casual player. I think everyone would be a casual player. I was a top graduate, had a beautiful girlfriend, handsome face, overwhelming charm. I was nearly at the peak of time. Why did the world end at that time? 'Damn you, God.' 'You made me lose my parents, you made my talent worthless.Now you made me lose my life.' That's was my last word before my life ended. Rebirth!? I think God, was ashamed of himself and gave me a second chance to redeem himself. 'Haha...I will become True God of this time' --- Visual trailer: https://youtu.be/IQt3zGI7omMhttps:// dynamic.webnovel.com/book/20631625706400305?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4317806097 A.N: What is novel? That is a limitless imagination. Then, why there is logic in it? Readers who are enjoying my novel, I don't like logic like if MC is strong his IQ will be low or If MC is intelligent, his build will be poor, etc. Our MC will be excellent in all the things he knew, So who didn't like that please don't comment or review. Even if you do so I can't change that. Word count: 1200-1400 Daily 1 chapters at 10 A.M If we reached 1M views or 10k collections, I will promote daily release into 2 chapters. Notice: 100 P.S- +1chapter 200 P.S- +2chapter 400 P. S- +3chapter ..... and so on.... Stay tuned! Share it! Support it! Cover is not mine!


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