Rebirth: Once Again With You

There are times when you’ll still never be good enough no matter how hard you try. Born with a frail twin sister, Li Caiyi gives most of her time to take care of Li Chunhua. Her parents and older brother trust her to take care of her sister, yet Li Caiyi can’t help but feel the disparity in treatment and affection given to both of them. In her whole life, she has never become anyone’s first priority. Not in the heart of her family, and especially not in the heart of her childhood friend, the Young Master of Meng family, Meng Renshu. When Li Caiyi became Meng Renshu’s wife, Li Caiyi thought she could finally become someone’s first priority, but everything fell apart in just three years. She decides to let everything go. Then she meets Shen Qiang in the most unexpected place. No one wants to accompany her in her life, yet this stranger offers to accompany her in death. “Do you want to jump together?” When she opened her eyes, Li Caiyi had gone back to her high school times. This time, she won’t make the wrong choice again. But where can she find Shen Qiang?! ===================== WARNING! This novel is a slow-burn one and more like a healing story than revenge. So if you are expecting badass FL or a lot of face-slapping moments, then this novel isn't for you. Check out my other works : 1. Until Fate Break Us Apart (Hiatus) 2. The Tyrant's Beloved Priestess (NEW!) Please give this book a lot of support. Thank you, and happy reading!

PetiteSnowdrop · Urban
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650 Chs

Goodbye, Li Caiyi (2)

There was one thing to describe his thought about that wedding: Ridiculous.

Dai Zhiqiang almost couldn't believe what he heard. 

Actually, the whole nation was shocked when the news was released. As he and everyone else knew, Meng Renshu was supposed to be dating Li Chunhua before the news came out, and there were no words about them breaking up. So, where did this marriage come from?

The rumor said Li Chunhua couldn't produce an heir due to her sickly constitution, so they opted for her twin instead?

What kind of joke was that?

Did they take Li Caiyi as some kind of spare?

He was enraged just by thinking about it again. What exactly happened between those two families to make everything so messed up? 

"I wonder what she thinks about this," Dai Zhiqiang muttered as he played with the wooden keychain in his hand. 

He knew how Li Caiyi had always loved Meng Renshu. But was she really alright with this kind of arrangement?