105 Body Cultivator Vs. Sabre Cultivator

Yuan Shuchun nodded, "Alright, then have some rest. However, you shouldn't back down against challenges."

Bai Qing'er nodded her head and returned to her seat without replying.

Beside her seat, Ye tian Yun rolled his eyes when he heard the last part of Yuan Shuchun's words.

'She already said she is tired and has used all her strength, and you're making fun of her not continuing?'

Clearly, Yuan Shuchun was trying to show her dominance by 'educating' Bai Qing'er.

Truthfully, in regards to the battle that had just happened, he was surprised by the strength from both sides. Especially Mu Xing. Because he was still able to stand after a full blow attack from someone at Manifestation Realm of Sword Intent.

And this someone was also not an average disciple, but rather, Bai Qing'er could be considered the cream of the crop even among the cultivators at Manifestation Realm. She was just too strong.


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