Rebirth of the Strongest Empress

In her previous life, her spirit root was dug out. Despite being filled with righteousness, she is deemed heretic! When she returns to her youth, she tries her best to resist the tides of fate by defying the heavens. Anyone who humiliated or bullied her in her previous life would suffer payback a hundred times over! She cultivates her bloodline independently and reforges a supreme-grade spirit root! She slays despicable clansmen and regains her glory! The rules of the world do not bind her in any way. In this life, she plans to forge a path of righteous slaughter for herself! He is the God that is well-respected by everyone, cold and aloof; yet, he sneaks in every night to have her have his baby. "Hey, have you thought it through?" "Can I reject it?" "You can choose to have one baby or two." "Why must it be me!?" "Because you stole my heart!"

North Night · Fantasy
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2761 Chs

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"Master?" Song Yanhan was startled by the arrival of the elder.

This elder was called Zhu Ning and was the most experienced teacher in the medicine faculty. He was also the most highly skilled alchemist in the entire faculty. Given his reputation in the medicine faculty, even the medicine faculty head or the Netherworld Academy President Wu Fengling had to give him some leeway.

With Zhu Ning's abilities, there was no need for him to remain in the academy. But he had a unique character and made a bet with Wu Fengling many years ago. After losing, he agreed to stay on in the Netherworld Academy as a teacher.

Zhu Ning's criteria for selecting disciples were even more stringent than Wu Fengling's. To date, he had only personally mentored two disciples.

One was Song Yanhan. The other was the legendary Grand Master alchemist.

Zhu Ning came to Song Yanhan's side. His brows were furrowed and he appeared very impatient.