79 The Little Dragon Man (2)

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When the baby's eyes met Ye Qingtang's, the dark green pair of eyes suddenly hid all of its cruelty. The little dragon man blinked towards Ye Qingtang and ran towards her with its short legs.

The little figure who beat the Great Elder heavily was shaking its tiny tail, standing in front of Ye Qingtang. Everyone stared at it in surprise. Its hands were placed in front of its body, and it looked at Ye Qingtang with its big eyes, trying to please her.

"Mother! Mother! I help you to beat the bad guy! Am I a good boy?"



Ye Qingtang stared at the weird little figure in front of her. She was totally confused.

She only heard that birds would treat the first living being they saw as their parents. She did not know that the noble lightning dragon also had such a habit.

The little figure did not know what Ye Qingtang was thinking about. It simply raised its head and swung its tail, staring at her with hope. It looked cute and innocent now which was totally different from how it looked when beating the Great Elder just now.

"Hmmmm… Yes." Ye Qingtang took a deep breath to suppress her confusion.

The little figure shook its tail in delight after being complimented.

Ye Qingtang touched her forehead. The things that happened just now were totally out of her imagination. However, it was not the right time to think about that. She then immediately walked towards Ye Ling.

The little figure followed her tightly. Its big eyes stared at Ye Qingtang, and it smiled delightfully.

Mother~ mother~ He could finally appear in front of its mother now…

However… the little figure lowered its head and stared at its tiny claws. Pieces of dragon scales were nearly visible on the white skin.

Surely, this would not work.

Only the child of his mother and the man could bear with his powerful consciousness. The lightning dragon was indeed strong, but if he stayed within it for too long, the dragon itself would die soon.

He would not have taken over the lightning dragon's body if his mother was not threatened.

Ye Qingtang's memory was correct: normal dragons could not turn into a human form. She did not know that the round little figure was the small black ball bred from the Heart of the Demon God.

"Tang Tang… What's this…" Ye Ling was totally confused by the weird little figure in front of him.

What was that?!

"I'll explain to you later, father. Now, we need to know how we should deal with the Great Elder." Ye Qingtang took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

Ye Ling nodded slightly. The Second Elder had caught the Great Elder, who was lying on the ground. He held him and walked towards Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang did not speak to the Great Elder immediately. Instead, she turned and spoke to the guests. "I am so sorry for what happened just now. I shall invite all guests to return to their respective homes as we have some family matters to deal with here."

No one was willing to stay anymore. The things that happened at the Ye family tonight were too complicated, and no one wished to be part of it. All guests left after Ye Qingtang finished her words.

"Tang Tang, today, I was…" Duan Tianrao looked at Ye Qingtang with concern.

However, Ye Qingtang remained expressionless and said, "Thank you, Young Master Duan. I shall ask someone to send you back."

Duan Tianrao was stunned slightly. He felt uneasy as he saw how expressionless Ye Qingtang was to him.

"Tang Tang, I am alright. What do you think of the words I said to you earlier? As long as you give your consent, I'll talk to my father tonight to resume our engagement."

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