46 The Great Elder (2)

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"I am quite tired today and will go back to rest first," said the Great Elder coolly as he left on his own without waiting for Ye Ling to respond.

After the Great Elder left, Ye Ling finally relaxed.

"Tang Tang, leave the house less in these few days when the Great Elder is back. When your second uncle ends his seclusion a few days later, we will fetch him together." Ye Ling was filled with concern. His deteriorating health coupled with the Second Elder's seclusion had allowed the Great Elder to act with increased arrogance in the Ye family.

Ye Ling was not a fool; he had faintly sensed the Great Elder's ambitions.

However, he was simply unable to fight with the Great Elder now. The only way to deal with the Great Elder was to be submissive temporarily and wait until the Second Elder ends his seclusion.

Now, Ye Ling was most worried about Ye Qingtang. He was very afraid that the Great Elder would secretly take Ye Qingtang's life as she was the successor to the family master position, and, thus, he specially warned her.

Looking at her extremely worried father, Ye Qingtang naturally sighed in her heart.

She knew that Ye Ling's compromises were all for the sake of ensuring her safety. Even when the Great Elder had usurped Ye Ling's power as the family master in Ye Qingtang's past life, Ye Ling did not resist much, and all of this was for her safety.


How would her father know that she had already secretly fallen victim to the Great Elder?

In her previous life, Ye Qingtang did not dare to tell Ye Ling about the truth behind her stolen spirit root because of the Great Elder's warning; in this life, she was unwilling to let her father have any more worries.

"I understand." Ye Qingtang nodded obediently.

It was only then that Ye Ling was slightly relieved.

"You performed very well at the Worship Ceremony today. Even I did not expect that you would become this strong. You must be tired already, go back early and rest. Stay at home and prepare these few days. everything will be okay once your second uncle ends his seclusion."


Ye Qingtang nodded obediently, but deep down, she was not as relaxed as Ye Ling.

Ye Ling had tolerated up to then as he was waiting for the Second Elder to suppress and control the Great Elder once the Second Elder ends his seclusion. However, how would the Great Elder not be clear about this?

In the previous lifetime, the Great Elder secretly sent people to assassinate Ye Ling one day before the Second Elder ended his seclusion and made the Second Elder carry the blame for Ye Ling's death. This allowed the Great Elder to get rid of two people at once, hitting two birds with one stone.

This time, Ye Qingtang would definitely not allow the Great Elder's scheme to succeed.

At that thought, Ye Qingtang could not help but narrow her eyes as she briskly walked back to her room.

The medicine that she prepared for Ye Ling were mixed in his tea on normal days. Those medicines could slowly remove the remaining poison in his body. Perhaps Ye Ling himself had not realized that his complexion these past few days was way better than before.


This was far from enough. To deal with the Great Elder, Ye Qingtang must have even more preparations in place!

Ye Xun returned from the Duan family and not a trace of a smile could be seen on her face.

Previously, it was she who secretly told Duan Tianrao about Ye Qingtang's broken spirit root, and she was also the one who hinted to Duan Tianrao that Ye Qingtang was ugly.

Yet today, Ye Qingtang had embarrassed her publicly. While Duan Tianrao did not say it, Ye Xun already felt the change in Duan Tianrao's attitude towards her.

"Ye Qingtang, why do you always have to spoil my plans." Ye Xun took a deep breath quietly, worked to sort out her emotions, and then walked into the Ye residence.

When she just entered, she heard news of the Great Elder's return, and her unhappiness vanished into thin air instantly.

She had long sided with the Great Elder and was obviously aware of his ambitions. Now that he was back, both Ye Ling and Ye Qingtang would not have good days ahead.

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