Rebirth of the Strongest Empress

In her previous life, her spirit root was dug out. Despite being filled with righteousness, she is deemed heretic! When she returns to her youth, she tries her best to resist the tides of fate by defying the heavens. Anyone who humiliated or bullied her in her previous life would suffer payback a hundred times over! She cultivates her bloodline independently and reforges a supreme-grade spirit root! She slays despicable clansmen and regains her glory! The rules of the world do not bind her in any way. In this life, she plans to forge a path of righteous slaughter for herself! He is the God that is well-respected by everyone, cold and aloof; yet, he sneaks in every night to have her have his baby. "Hey, have you thought it through?" "Can I reject it?" "You can choose to have one baby or two." "Why must it be me!?" "Because you stole my heart!"

North Night · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2761 Chs

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"I will be in the Netherworld Academy, so you can direct any questions to me. If Zhang Qiqiu comes, you can hand me over to them. I'm saying this because I'm confident in myself," Ye Qing said steadily.

As she had prepared the dark yin for Jing Ze but hadn't expected it to be used here.

Di Nuo hadn't expected Ye Qing to be this bold and his expression was ugly. Since he had already said all this, he would have to pay with his life if anything went wrong.

The Vice-President's gaze turned complicated.

"Ye Qing, what elixir is this?"

"The dark yin elixir," she said.

The Vice-President frowned. He had never heard of this elixir before.

"Since I'll still be here, if the elixir doesn't work, I'll let go of all my skill and Zhang Qiqiu's Shi family can do whatever they want with me. How about that?" she said without hesitation.

Di Nuo frowned, not believing what Ye Qing was saying.