7 Ryozanpaku Dojo

It was break time Kenichi and Miu were sitting on a bench under a tree. Miu was still nervous while Kenichi was hitting the hammer when the iron was hot.

Kenichi:"You have become more beautiful Miu, but why do you wear these glasses"

Miu become more embarrassed hearing Kenichi's praise and was shocked about how he was able to know.

Miu:"Well I didn't had any freinds in my old school, one day I was wondering about it..... a nice person told me that I stood out of the crowd too much"

Kenichi:"Pfft hahaha oh haha Miu you are such a cute girl"

Miu was pouting with her face being red she asked.

Miu:"Why do you say that Kenichi"

Kenichi stopped laughing with his right hand started petting her head he took his face close towards Miu and said.

Kenichi:"Because that nice person you are talking about wasn't a nice person instead he was a jealous person who was jealous of your beauty and your character and who knows maybe it was that person who made so that you can't make any freinds in your old school"

Miu:"But why would someone do that just because of jealousy"

Kenichi:"Jealousy is a dangerous thing Miu it can make people do anything, but you don't have to worry now that I am here you won't ever feel lonely"

Kenichi smiled seeing which Miu also smiled a little the mood between them was very good but then a devil with alien mask came to them.

Niijima:"Kenichi I have finally found you..."

Kenichi cursed Niijima in his mind for his timing.

Niijima:"Sorry I didn't know you were busy I will come later"

Kenichi:"Wait now that you have come let me introduce you to each other. She is Miu Furiniji a transfer student in our class and my childhood girlfriend and Miu this is Niijima a freind of mine he wears an alien mask and is a member of Newspaper club"

Both:"Stop giving wrong introduction!!!!"

Niijima:"Hii my name is Niijima Haruo freind of Kenichi, a member of Newspaper club and can find any information you need"

Miu:"Hii Niijima-kun my name is Miu Furiniji a transfer student here, I want to join the gymnastics club in the school if there is and let's be freinds ok"

Niijima:"Yes ok we freinds now

Miu:"Yea I had two friends now"

Seeing Miu's cute smile Kenichi didn't said anything but just smiled.

Kenichi:"Gymnastics club ofcourse there is one they even won a championship before"

Miu:"Really grat"

Kenichi:"Niijima don't say that can find any information when you can't do a small task of mine"

Niijima:"It's not that I can't find one but it's that your standards are two high man"

Miu:"What are you boys talking about and you haven't told me which club you have joined"

Kenichi:"Well I don't have joined any club until now but I am thinking of joining the gardening club now"

Miu:"Gardening club why do you want to join the gardening club"

Kenichi:"Well because I want to buy a big house surrounded by a garden so that all my wives and children's can enjoy it is bad to think about your family Miu"

Kenichi looked at Miu waiting for her response but he didn't got any as she was blushing so hard that anyone would think that it's the result of red paint being splashed on his face. Niijima who looked at this scene from the sidelines knew that they were forgetting about the main topic for which he came here for.

Niijima:" *cough cough* Let me tell you what I and Kenichi were talking about Miu. The thing is Kenichi wants to learn martial arts but his condition is that the one teaching him should be stronger than him otherwise he won't learn from that person and I have been trying to find someone who could do exactly that but this guy here have beaten everyone whom I have found uptil and today I came here to tell him that I am not able to find anyone like that"

Miu:"Why do you want to learn from someone stronger than you Kenichi isn't martial arts all the same if you want to learn it"

Kenichi:"Yes but since I have to keep my promise to you I need someone who is strong enough to beat me so that I would listen to his instructions otherwise I don't think I would listen to someone weaker than me trying to teach me how to fight"

Miu:"*blush* Yo-you will you stop speaking about it infront of others"

Niijima:"What are you two talking about? What promise?"

Miu:"No-nothing Niijima absolutely nothing. Kenichi do you really want to be strong that much"

Kenichi:"Well yes I have to be as only strong person can protect those they love and defend against unforseen changes"

Miu:"Well I know a place where you will definitely be able to learn martial arts and become strong but the chances of surviving are unlikely"

Kenichi stood up from the bench holding Miu's shoulders with both hands looking at her with excitement in his eyes he said.

Kenichi:"Where is it Miu... it doesn't matter how low the chances of surviving but it tells me that the people there are strong enough to make stronger than ever before so tell me where is it"

Miu looking at Kenichi's excitement was happy as she herself also liked martial arts and wanted Kenichi to learn from the beast as well but was afraid that maybe he would backdown due to fear of death.

Miu:"I will make a map for you so that you can go to that place"

After school Miu gave Kenichi a map of that place.

Miu:"Remember it's name is Ryozanpaku Dojo"

Kenichi:"Ok I will"

Miu:"I have to buy vegetables today so I will be going early now"

Saying that she jumped from the window of the second floor after opening it. Kenichi knew that nothing will happen to her from such a jump. Kenichi then looked at the map and was Dumbfounded as he couldn't understand it at all, he then went towards Niijima and asked.

Kenichi:"Hey Niijima can you decipher this map for me"

Niijima:"What is it it looks like a military code or something"

Kenichi:"No it's the map of Ryozanpaku Dojo which Miu told me about"

Niijima:"Sorry I am not able to understand it but since you have given me the name of the dojo I will be able to find it"

Kenichi:"Perfect then I will go back to my house to change my clothes and pick up my Karate uniform"


Kenichi then reached his house changed his clothes talked with his little sister and then came Niijima's phone telling him the address of Ryozanpaku Dojo. He then picked up his Karategi waved his hands towards his mother and sister who were in the house at that time and ran towards Ryozanpaku Dojo.

Honoka:"Mom doesn't brother looks more happy then before"

Saori:"Yes he must have found something that he is really enjoying right now"

On the other side Kenichi had reached Ryozanpaku Dojo and was standing in front of it's huge door.

Kenichi:"So this is Ryozanpaku Dojo"

Kenichi smiled and went towards the door pushed it with his right as his left hand was carrying his Karate uniform and opened the door after using some strength. (but keep the note that he only used one hand)

!!??:"Oh you have some strength in your arms there young boy....

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