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Rebirth of the Little Military Wife


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I am really liking the initial story. I hope you don’t drop the book in the middle. Please tell about your uploading schedules 😭❤️ You’re doing great


Please someone give me the raw link. I tried to find it in a few sites but was unrewarded in my ordeal. 🙏🙏🙏 #need 140 characters 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😘😍😎😋😊😉😆😗😙😚☺️🙂🤗🤔


I love this book. I'm so glad someone gave the Chinese name of the book in the comments section of chapter 50. I binge read til chapter 426 the last couple of days. The book is on going and has a little over 1500 chapters so far.


I love the female main lead she’s smart and doesn’t care about what other people thinks, Can someone please tell me where I could finish reading all of it I’ve tried at least 4 sites already😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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Has the author stopped this book? It's really good too. The story and the (main) characters are really solid too. The annoying side characters are dealt with satisfyingly as well. I'm really curious about the female lead's maternal family as well and how she's going to grow more in the future.


I love the story so far. the FL is smart and love her family so much. I can't wait for her to rise from poverty and be a prominent figure. if you're looking for stories that would inspire you to motivate in life then this is for you. there are grammar mistake in some chapters but it is still understandable. overall, I like the development of the story. and I always anticipate what would happen next. I hope that the author will not drop this worth reading story.


it is a very unique story writen in an interseting way, despite some translation errors the majority of the writing is very clear and easy to follow, in addition what makes it unique is that unxepected twist with the brothers of the jing fmaily. i have to say it is a good read and not at all disapointing, the only thing is that theres not enough chapters yet, its like a drug im already experiencing withdrawal, i plead for the authour to release some more chapters, many thanks


Love the plot. It's a very good story if you ignore some grammar errors. Can't wait for more plot development. I really can't wait for her to grow older. 7 years different is not that big. My parents age gap were also about 7 years different. I would recommend this book


Hi! What is the title in Chinese? 😊 #wannareadahead #wannaknow #need140characters 👸🤴👸🤴👸🤴👸🤴👸🤴👸🤴👸🤴😊🙏🤞🖖🧞‍♀️😂😈😭🙈😹😥😅😅👼🧡👸🤴🚘🚦💸😍🤩😜😉🙄😏🙁😘👣




I like it... I like the story and the plot... It was so good and interesting to read.... But I hate her relatives... They like to bully them... Their are too shameless....


I was not expecting myself to actually love this book so far as much as I do. I love the main character and the male lead. It’s also an interesting time period being the 1980s which is a first for one of my chinese webnovels but it gives me nice vibe whenever I’m imagining scenes. A subtle retro vibe here and there, but I do have one complaint. It’s nothing too bad, but the dialogue sometimes confuses me with random quotation marks being left here and there while they’re talking, but other than that, I think there might’ve been a few minor errors with grammar but nothing I remember from the top of my head. But yes, the story is great so far with the first 18 chapters and I really look forward to see how the story progresses, especially with the main character not wanting anything to do with the male lead’s family. I’m also expecting that we get to see her going to school and such which I’m excited for. This just seems like a genuinely good story with a few flaws, but nothing I can’t overlook. (I love the male lead so far btw, he seems like a hot cutie)


I love it!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


Chapter : 78 Gu jiajia stared at the slender fingers of Tang Hui , gradually she became facinated by the melody produced by the musical instrument. Like her , there was a man in the military uniform on the opposite floor. Tang Hui 's violin had shocked him and now seeing her play the electronic piano.......... It was already amazing to play a musical intrument, playing both the instrument could be considered as a musical genius!..... After Tang Hui played a song , she turned her head and looked at the facinated Gu jiajia." What happened ? " Gu jiajia looked back " nothing........its good " Tang Hui walked over and gave the electronic piano to Gu jiajia and said"Believe in yourself , you can play better than me " Gu jiajia nodded "ok " But she didn't believed that she could play it better than her based on her experience of 5 years of learning it. After that , their rehersal started again. Tang Hui went down to the stairs.Seeing her entering the staircase , the man on the opposite floor thought she was going downstairs and his heart clenched with panic , he immediately hurried towards the edge of the roof . When he reached the roof's edge , he saw them on the entrance of the stairs and was relieved. The music started to play again .About thirty seconds later ,Tang Hui stepped out slowly from the stair case and at the same time the sun came out of the clouds covering it previously. Beautiful !!_________ The man looked at Tang Hui had got enchanted. The girl was not like the usual beauty that could topple a country but she had a temperament that cannot be ignored. Very Charming !!...... She was a very talented and versatile little girl , such a girl is really hard to come by. Tang Hui looked at Gu jiajia who was rehearsing very metaculously.When she turned to look forward , she found a man on the roof of the opposite floor. When the man saw her looking at him , he got so panicked as if he was caught red- handed doing something wrong. But , afterall he was a soldier.Soon , he suppressed his panic , raised his hand and beckoned to Tang Hui. Seeing that he was wearing the same military uniform as Jing Xuan , Tang Hui thought ,maybe he was a subordinate or superior of Brother Jing Xuan . Seeing him beckoning to her, Tang Hui hooked her lips and smiled brightely. When she smiled , her eyes were crooked and she looked very sweet and cute.The man suddenly felt like a Zither ,as if Tang Hui fiddled the steings with her hand or more like she fiddled with his heartstrings. They reahersed for an hour ,the man also stood looking at her for an hour.Knowing that someone was staring at her , she was still able to act calmly and reaherse naturally.The man admired her calmness at the same time shocked by her. When Tang Hui and Gu jiajia left the roof ,the man suddenly felt lost. At this time , the sky was already hazy and was almost dark. "After practicing for an hour ,my fingers are stiff.Tang Hui , shall i show you around.You didn't visted The restaurent right ? "Gu jiajia came over and hugged Tang hui 's arm affectinately and giggled. I never visited the restaurent in this life, but in my last life............... Tang Hui laughed, " okay , i am hungry , lets go to eat something." She only ate a bowl of white rice porridge and rode her bicycle for more than an hour , then rehearsed for another hour. Gu jiajia patted her chest lightly ," Then this sister , invite you to have a big meal." Tang Hui said politely," yes, if i am starving , i won't be able to teach you to play tunes." "How can you teach me ,Aren't you performing with me as a my partner?well , for your hardwork , if i am able to play nicely , the rewards will be all your " "Then ,I 'll accept it politely, anyway , you don't need those workbooks.." If you want more chapters please comment and let me know.


A really great and interesting story that I dearly wish was continued. I don't know if it is the author or the translator that stopped, but whoever did has made me super unhappy. I really hope it gets continued or picked up, because there is something really great here.


I like the story line.. Its unique and the characters is some what related to the harsh reality we tend to forget.. I like thos story and I like the author to continue to update chapters... Plzz update the chapters soon.. I am waiting to read more chapters..


when will be this book be updated again?such a waste if it will be dropped by the translator. hope that my fear will not come true, there are so many good books that being translated but eventually being dump😭😭😭😭 it saddens me to no end😭😭😭


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I'm in love with this book, author more please don't leave the story hanging. Please when is next update. Please don't disappear I love your story.