9 Leon Vs Eight Gangsters!

Unlike most other gangsters who fight only when necessary, Gym Bro loves to fight.

He likes passing through pain, call him a masochist or whatever.

He knew that this is the only way he could grow stronger, but upon seeing that Leon reached the first stage without doing anything skeptical or phenomenal, Gym Bro got jealous and the jealousy brought anger with it. But compared to trickster, who couldn't help but blurt out everything, Gym Bro kept all his anger within him. He did not let his anger get the better part of him.

But he promised himself that if they could defeat Leon by ganging up on him, then he would very much try to teach Leon a bitter lesson that Leon would never ever forget in his life.

The body tempering realm is nothing special, just that the strength of a human would increase to the strength of two strong, normal healthy adults joined together.

This might not seem much but a person with this strength could match against even the most powerful bodybuilders.

The person would also have all his senses enhanced by the multiple of two, his eyesight, sense of smell, reflexes would be double that of a normal human adult.

That's why the gang was confident that if they put hands together then they should at least be capable of defeating Leon. Th

So, without further ado, all of them picked their different personal weapons which they are used to, Lia included.

Cute or not, Lia is still a gangster, though she was worried for Leo before, she was reasonable to know that Leo no longer needs her care, but still, she couldn't help but be worried for him.

Although she would join in the attack and cooperate with the others, she was not as angry and hot-headed as the others who only joined the fight for the sake of teaching Leon a lesson.

Taking her daggers, she joined the group.

Gym bro picked his gauntlet, Speedster picked his sharp knife, Drake... His club, Lucas a knife, Scarlett a gauntlet, lyn a knife, and Silver a knife...

Soon, they surrounded him, all of them having grins and smug affixed on their face.

They knew that if they worked together, they would be able to defeat Leon.

Just after they surrounded Leon, Gym Bro turned and looked at Lia, giving her a threatening glare before saying... "Don't dare spoil things for us."

Without waiting for her answer, he focused on Leon once again, leaving a dumbfounded Lia.

Though she wasn't planning anything, she knew that if they dare try to harm Leon even after defeating him, then she won't hesitate to stand up for him.

Nevertheless, Drake assumed the leadership position, giving them orders.

"Speed and Silver...flank his left, Scarlett and Lia take the back, Lucas flank his right, Lin would occasionally cover up for you while I and Gym bro face him head-on"

No one questioned his orders since he is the strongest in their group and they had been under his leadership ever since the beginning of this gang.

Everyone quickly went to their position, putting Leon in a tight corner.

Gritting his teeth, Leon watched them surround him. "This would be hard, I need to take each of them down with one strike."

Without further ado, they all rushed at him.

Speedster has the fastest attack, his knife was swift and fast enough to reach Leon's neck, and Leon was forced to dodge. The attack missed his neck skin by a hair breath.

But Leon was not done yet, after dodging the attack, he quickly extended his hand, gripping the speedster's arm tightly before twisting it. Making speedster grunt in pain.

At this point, still not releasing his grip on speedster, he dodged another attack coming from the back by ducking down and simultaneously sending a backward kick to the attacker.

The attacker turned out to be Scarlett, and she was sent flying by the force of the kick.

She was sent a few meters back, now laying on the ground, Scarlett held her chin with a pained expression on her face.

Meanwhile, after dealing with Scarlett, Leon kicked Speedster in the stomach, making him cough out blood.

The rest of the gangsters continued to attack with Leon dodging all their attacks perfectly well.

They did not care about the fact that Scarlett broke her chin, and Speedster's situation, they were used to them or their other teammates getting injured during gang fights.

So as if they are not down by two right now, they all focused on the fight and continued to attack.

Soon, Lia herself was down. Even Lin was down. There were the second set Leon eliminated, having a little dislocation that made them temporary unable to fight.

There was no mercy in gang fights!

Now, it remains only Lucas, Silver, Gym Bro, and Drake.

These four now spread out to surround Leon from all directions.

"Now!" Drake yelled all of them attacking him simultaneously.

Drake swung his club/bat at Leo's head. Gym bro at his left-hand side aiming for his arm. Lucas aimed at his back then Silver at the foot leaving Leon with no space to dodge

But instead of dodging all their attacks, Leon extended his hands and caught Drake's club then tried to yank it out of Drake's hand. But Drake did not wait for Leon to yank it off, he was quick to react by releasing his grip on the bat before sending a jab at Leon's handsome face.

Experienced Gangsters are no joke!

Without further ado, his fist landed at Leon's jaw giving Leon a hell of a pain.

Gritting his teeth to endure the pain, Leon forced his way out of their formation by pushing Drake to the side.

Luckily for him, he was able to act fast, because Lucas's knife strikes where he was standing a second ago, meeting only air. The same thing happened to the other two's attacks.

After breaking out, Leon faced Drake, punching and kicking him till he was injured enough not to have the strength to stand up.

After dealing with Drake, he turned to the remaining three while cracking his knuckles.

Dazed at first, Lucas and Silver only came back to their senses when Gym Bro yelled.

"Snap out of it, attack together we still have a chan..."

Just as Gym Bro was about to complete his sentence, Leon arrived next to him, sending a kick to his six-pack stomach.

But Gym Bro turned out to be resilient. When Leon kicked him, he endured the pain and caught Leo's leg in a firm grip.

At this point he smirked, thinking he got Leon, he had not yet realized the danger he was in.

Leon could easily pull his leg out of Gym Bro's grip.

But too bad for Gym Bro, Leon let him hold it for a purpose.

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