5 Leon and his Gang.

Leo opened his eyes a few hours later only to see the worried face of Beautiful Lia over him.

'She looks so cute, aah, seeing such a beautiful face first thing in the morning has made my day, if only I had money to buy her those expensive ladies' clothes, she would look like a goddess'

Leon thought to himself as he woke up.

"Are you okay?" Lia asked him with a worried face that melted Leon's heart.

"Am fine" Leo replied and simultaneously sat up on the tattered Bed he laid upon.

Beds like this are one of the common things seen in slum houses.

"I made some soup, Drink it before it turns cold," Lia said and brought a bowl of soup and started feeding him.

'I have hands, you know?' Leo wanted to say this but then hesitated, he did not know how she would react so he could only comply.

It was then he noticed that it was not only Lia that was in the room, the gang members were also there.

They were giving him weird envious looks, They all wish they were receiving the same treatment from Lia.

If not for the terms they all signed in the blood Contract, they all would have defied Lia countless times after all, she is too hard to resist.

You see before Leon and Lia joined this gang for protection, they all signed a blood contract.

Things like blood contracts are not a plaything, Earth has already begotten Qi and can now be said to be a Cultivation world, and a sentient world, so things like blood contracts are not to be played with, if one goes against the term as signed with their blood in the contract, the 'Will of the world' would terminate their consciousness immediately.

They are rarely done because signing a blood contract is extremely dangerous, only if one is absolutely sure that they can abide by the rules of the contract with no problem will they sign a contract like that.

The Blood Contract is used when two parties or more do not have mutual trust in each other when making certain decisions, it was to make sure that anyone who breaks the contract must be prepared to face the consequences.

This was the contract that this gang, signed to ensure the safety of all gangsters under its canopy. It's to ensure that the gangsters won't go with their gang bro no matter what.

One of the terms in the contract signed is that they are not allowed to r*pe their female gang members.

This is to ensure that every member feels safe and trusted, without this contract, and with how wild male gangsters could be, they can easily decide to gang up on a single female and rape her.



I know some of you might think this book has a bad start, with rape being mentioned multiple times, but promise, this wouldn't last for more than Five Chaps.

I tagged this book R18, so you shouldn't be surprised when you see things like this.

If you get annoyed by the terms used, I plead with you to endure, all of this will end soon.


Currently, there are ten gangsters in their group, Eight are males the remaining two are females.

Their Gang leader is Drake by name, he has black hair, rough and tough skin, and a scar on half his face which he got during one particular raid in his previous gang.

He is 23 and has undergone the most suffering out of all the members of this game and it's his huge amount of experience that gave him the gang leader position.

He has a cold and calculative personality.

It is said that he is close to entering the Body tempering realm.


The next in rank after the leader is called Gym Bro.

This guy works out like crazy like he can't live for a day without working out.

His hard-toned muscles and chiseled abs could scare kids of his age.

Believe it or not, he is eighteen. Gym Bro is next in strength after Drake, Even with all his muscles, he often gets defeated by Drake.

And yes, he has black hair with a cold face.


Trickster is the next in authority in the gang after Drake and Gym Bro.

He is the strategist of their gang and plans their every raid.

The brain of this guy is not to be trifled with, and from his name, you can easily guess how mischievous he is

He is short and Lanky, and is the weakest of the Gang, even the Two female gangsters Scarlett and Lia could defeat him, as far as he was not able to pull off one of his dreaded tricks on them.


The next gang member is by name, Speedster.

A lanky guy with blonde hair of about eighteen years. Always has an easygoing smile plastered on his face.

Sometimes, in certain situations, his smile gets annoying, as some people often mistake it for a smirk.

From his name, you can easily guess that he is very fast and hard to get caught. In his every raid, he is cursed as a slippery eel that always escapes no matter how hard they try to catch him.

The only people who can rival his speed are cultivators, even somebody temperers would find it hard to catch him.


The Next was by name Silver. Has Silver hair. Which means he is of royal blood.

In this era, there is nothing like a king or Queen. As there is a council that acts like a central government for the whole world with each seat in the council held by prestigious families with power.

But still, Families that were of royal blood exist with each of them having unique hair colors that only those with their blood are said to have.

It is said that their hair colors are related to the collective affinity of their entire family.

Like Red, Hairs have an affinity to fire, etc.


Another gangster in the gang is by the name Lucas.

This guy has the devil's heart, His face is cold, but it is known that ever since he joined this gang, he has never smiled... Not even once. his situation is similar to Leo's.

He is an Outcast of a famous Family, their fame close to Leon's as for how or why he became an outcast, it was unknown.

He joined this gang for money to gain strength, Just like Leon, one thing in his heart that he seeks right now is the Downfall of his very own family.


The other male gang member is by the name, Lin.

He is good at insults, and Infuriating people, he acts as our watch guard during our every raid.


And the next is me, Leon, with Jet-Black hair with a glossy and almost shining look, Naturally handsome, and the envy of the other male gangsters.

No one can contest against me with his looks in these slums. I am the most handsome.

Now, I am done introducing the males let us go to the females, when have two females

First is Scarlett. Scarlett is a badass girl that's about eighteen, with black hair, and a rough and almost manly personality.

Her personality scared most guys she had met, so no one bothered asking her out.


The last bit, not the least is the most wanted, the one which our male gangsters can only look and admire but cannot 'touch'.

Lia, is her name, Blonde hair, a cute and very beautiful face, voluptuous figure that could awaken the demon of all slum guys.

Her almost otherworldly affection for me is what makes these guys envy me.

I and her are the newbies of this gang with the rest being our seniors.

Our gang is not like most gangs out there where the gang leader can do anything he wants and have as many female gangsters for himself as he wants and where there is gang ranking.

In this gang, everyone is treated equally, no one could violate the gang rules not even our gang leader, Drake.

We are bound by contract not to harass each other or betray the gang.

And also we have a common goal, that's to escape this hell called The Slums!

And we are getting closer to our goal, with our saved-up money, we would open a secure collective, lucrative business in the city. And start getting money the right way.

After that, we then used the money to buy cultivation resources.

Everybody here wants strength, even the cute beautiful Lia does.

Most of us want it for revenge, like me, Silver, and others from hidden backgrounds and other things.

Nevertheless, I noticed that all those that surrounded me were not only giving me envious looks but there was also a hint of awe, intrigue, and shock in their face.

From the looks on their face, I could easily guess that something is not right.

"What's wrong guys," I said, breaking the ear-chilling silence in the room. Wondering why my comrades are giving me weird looks



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