Rebirth of The Female Devil

Wu Mei, the First Miss of the Wu family and the legitimate daughter and heir to the company was schemed against by her family. Due to an accident Wu Mei struggled to survive and she had to do odd jobs for survival even though she was just eleven year old. The Wu family came knocking on their door and Wu Mei was happy that she finally had a to family but she was wrong. At age 12 she was sold to old man who owns an underground fighting ring. At age 17 she was taken to a brothel to be sold. At age 20 she was brought back to the Wu Manor. Happy that after all her sacrifice she could finally stay with her family, she was once again hit with the harsh reality. At age 25 Wu Mei died.... But after given a second chance to be reborn, Wu Mei came back like a devil crawling from hell and everyone who offended her before will have a hard time!! "Be sure to get ready cause Wu Mei is back!!

DaoistStDV7U · Fantasy
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189 Chs

Chapter 7 Helping Qin Shen

The escort , after a moment of deliberation turned back to the spectators, "Miss Wu Mei is the owner of Racing Palace, please treat her with respect."

The people were shocked at this declaration. So the person they had just told to go back home if she didn't have an ID Card was the boss? Wu Mei smiled slightly. If she was one of these people, she would have had the same reaction if someone had tried to cut in line so she wasn't offended at all. However...

Lu Zheitan froze and Duan Huang stared at Wu Mei in surprise.

Wu Mei turned her head back slightly, "You shouldn't think everyone is beneath you. It'll kill you one day." Of course, this advice , if Lu Zheitan listens to it, it will save her life in the future. If she didn't... well... Wu Mei wouldn't be bothered. After all she tried to warn her. Wu Mei and Qian Shanshan entered the company, the escort led them to the manager's office.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in." A loud booming voice sounded from inside. Wu Mei and Qian Shanshan entered the office and the escort shut the door behind them.

"Boss... You are finally willing to come here?" The manager looked up from the documents he was arranging. With a sheepish smile, Wu Mei nodded, "Yeah...This is Qian Shanshan, my best friend, you should remember her from when we used to play together." Wu Mei introduced Shanshan to him and then Manager Bai stood up and ushered the both of them to the couch.

"Ah, yes, yes! You are that cute little girl who did whatever i asked her to do, you were not as mischievous as Wu Mei. So, what can I do for you, boss?" Years ago, if someone told Mr Bai that he would work under a seventeen year old girl, he would laugh it off and say that the person was crazy but, look at him now. 

"I want you to find a place for me in the city, a house big enough for me and Shanshan... It should have a garden and a backyard. Also a training room, study, swimming pool... I just want a big house." Manager Bai nodded, not really surprised at her request. He heard her say that she wanted to leave for the capital but after she never said anything about it again, he thought she did not want to go anymore. 

"Oh, secure a spot in Baichang Academy for the both of us. We will start school immediately."

"I understand. Boss, about that Young Master can't you consider him?" Wu Mei raised her eyebrows, she didn't remember any Young Master.

"Who?" Manager Bai's lips twitched. This girl doesn't even remember who he is talking about?

"Boss, I'm talking about Qin Shen."

"Ah..." She finally remembered. The Young Master who came for a collaboration. His family's racing track business was declining so he wanted to merge with her. In her past life, the Qin's were also an enemy of the Wu's so she didn't help him. Although she had so many people on her side , it wouldn't hurt to have more.

"Accept his request. Interview him and if he is capable enough, tell him that he can be a co-director or put him in any position that you think is appropriate." After Wu Mei was sold Qin Shen helped her escape, even though she didn't help him when he was at his lowest. She felt too ashamed to even see his face at that time.

Lastly, she heard that his family faced an accident and they all died. Frustrated with life and grieving over his family's death, he committed suicide. In this life, because he helped her before, Wu Mei would help the Qin's regain their dignity. It wouldn't hurt to have one more ally that would work with her against the Wu Family. She also knew that what happened with the Qin's was related to the Wu's.