1 Rebirth After Death

Zhang Xiaohua stood in front of the bathroom mirror, his eyebrows furrowed and eyes narrowed in confusion and agitation. 

His heart was in complete disarray. Was this a dream ...?

He remembered getting struck by a car. So how was he still alive?

This was definitely not his body. How could he be so weak and frail? His previous handsome appearance had disappeared and all that remained was a plain looking pig face that stared right back at him in the mirror. The most critical hit of all was that, even though he was standing in the bathtub, he was still only around five foot four.

How was he meant to go out and meet people?

After pondering over the situation, Zhang Xiaohua came to a conclusion.

It seemed that he was reborn, and his soul had combined with this body after his death, allowing him to be reborn into this world. It was just like those online web novels, he was able to gain this body due to the death of the previous owner.

Zhang Xiaohua was absolutely over the moon and tried to recall his new body's memories.

According to the blurred memories in his mind, the unlucky guy he had just occupied was also called Zhang Xiaohua, and he was 22 years old.

But at the age of 22, he only had some high school qualifications to his name and could be considered a second-generation prodigal son whose only talent was spending extravagant amounts of money on drugs and parties. This guy was nothing but a downright idler before he died from an overdose after taking too many drugs.

His mother was just an ordinary housewife.

His father, on the other hand, was different. He had opened an entertainment company called "New Century Entertainment" when he was younger. The company had blown up since, and became one of the industries leaders.

However, this could all be considered a long gone past; since, his father had just passed away two months ago, which allowed his company to be swallowed up by the other shareholders... 

Only the dregs and ashes were left, and the family's wealth had plummeted. They now only owned a handful of the assets. It was quite a tragic fall from grace!

Back in his bedroom, in order to adjust himself to his new home, Zhang Xiaohua jumped onto his computer and started to check out this world's history and recent news. 

The content showed that this world was roughly the same as Earth, though there were some minor differences.

It seemed like a parallel world connected to Earth, and although the year was 2020, the technology was pretty much the same as Earth's, and even the brand names were the same. 

However, the entertainment industry seemed extremely backward, especially in the country he currently resided in. The entertainment business was way below the previous Earth's standard.

The city he now lived in was called Tianjing City and had a population of over 20 million people. It was the capital of Huaxia and also a rapidly developing city.

After taking in this information, many thoughts floated around Zhang Xiaohua's head.

Since God had given him a second chance, then he would make sure to enjoy this new life to the fullest.

If the original owner of this body was a wastrel, he would turn him into a genius.

"Young Master Xiaohua, the Cao family have come to visit, and the lady of the house has called for you to come down immediately." A maid gently said from behind his door.

"Okay, I shall be down soon." 

Zhang Xiaohua looked around his room and took in a deep breath before smiling. He was in love with this new life!

The room was very clean and bright, with white walls and a soft king-sized bed. There were all types of gadgets littered around the room, and a variety of flowers were placed on the balcony. A light breeze blew across the room, and its fragrance made people feel refreshed and comfortable. This room was more than a thousand times better than his previous dungeon of an apartment!

Zhang Xiaohua opened his smooth mahogany wardrobe and grabbed a pair of soft blue jeans, a simple black shirt, a blue cotton hoodie and a simple pair of black canvas shoes. When he finally finished deciding, he went into the en-suite bathroom, washed his face and tidied up his unkempt hair. He then walked out of his room after changing into his new clothes, he headed towards the staircase.

Following the stairs all the way down, Zhang Xiaohua looked carefully at his surroundings.

It wasn't difficult to tell that this was a three-story villa, it was decorated in a European style that was simple but elegant, and although it wasn't too luxurious, it definitely wasn't a place an average person could afford to live.

Zhang Xiaohua lived in the largest bedroom on the third floor while his mother lived on the second floor. Since his father's passing, his mother's bedroom had almost been converted into a Buddhist temple as she had begun to fast and recite Buddhist mantras. 

Having reached the downstairs living room, Zhang Xiaohua looked around and saw a middle-aged woman who wore a black cheongsam, sitting on a sofa with a bunch of beads in her hand and a small chrysanthemum on her head. With a face full of kindness, she seemed dignified and generous. For Zhang Xiaohua, the middle-aged woman also exuded a very strong intimacy towards his soul.


After looking at the middle-aged woman, Zhang Xiaohua couldn't help but silently call out. At the same time, he felt that his nose was sour, and his eyes became hot: he had almost started to cry.

In his previous life, Zhang Xiaohua didn't have any parents as he was an orphan who was all alone. Nobody would remember his death. One could say that the only thing worthwhile remembering in his previous life was the fact that he had sacrificed himself to save a child from getting hit by an oncoming car.

Past lives have past events and they aren't worth getting stuck upon, he thought as he tried to calm his emotions down.

Although he had lost his father, at least he still had his mother and for this reason, Zhang Xiaohua was already excited. He couldn't help but start regarding the middle-aged woman as his true mother.

After he wiped his moist eyes, Zhang Xiaohua blinked and looked around the rest of the room. On the opposite sofa to his mother, he saw a middle-aged man and two women.

The male was around 45 years old and wore a black suit, he was overweight, and he looked extremely ridiculous as he wore a bunch of gold chains around his neck, similar to those hoodlums who hung around dark alleys and street corners, terrorizing others. 

On his left wrist was an eighteen carat, limited edition gold Rolex with diamonds encrusted along it. The man was certainly eye-catching and looked like a typical nouveau riche.

Beside the man, there were also two women, one was a similar age to the man and the other was quite young. The elder one was roughly 40 years old and still had her charm. She had a face full of makeup on, and she was dressed quite exquisitely; however, she had a look of arrogance plastered across her face as though she was higher than a mountain top.

When Zhang Xiaohua's eyes fell on the young girl's body, he couldn't help but notice her figure which caused him to blush. However, in the midst of his excitement, he noticed that the girl's eyes seemed to contain a look of anger and scorn towards him.

Zhang Xiaohua fixed his gaze and noticed that the girl wore a white skirt with a professional suit. She was about 20 years old, and her face was on the same level as her mother. Fortunately, it didn't have the same air of arrogance; instead, she looked nervous and shy. Her long slender white legs were exposed under the skirt. They were the type of legs that even women couldn't help convert, and the type that made men's imagination run wild. Even though she was currently sitting down, she couldn't hide her tall and perfect figure.

According to the old Zhang Xiaohua's memory, the man and two women were a family. The man's name was Cao Dequan, his wife's name was Cao Huahua and the daughter's name was Cao Feifei.

The Zhang family and the Cao family had always been in contact with each other, with Zhang Xiaohua's father and Cao Dequan having played together since they were small, it had been more than thirty years of friendship between the two families.

Zhang Xiaohua's father established New Century Entertainment Company in partnership with Cao Dequan. However, at that time, Zhang Xiaohua's father accounted for the majority of the company's share and owned 50 percent. As he invested the most money into the start-up of the company, he was also the legal owner and chairman. For this reason, almost everything was done by him and was in his name.

Cao Dequan's family was stumped at the time and had only taken up five percent of the shares in the business, as he couldn't gather enough cash to invest during the initial process. The other 45 percent of the shares were in the hands of investors, although he had provided the least investment and effort, he did not have any less dividends than Xiaohua's father. You could say that Zhang Xiaohua's father was extremely loyal and generous, especially to his friends...

It could even be said that the reason why Cao Dequan was able to wear gold, silver, and even support his family was all thanks to his father's effort.

However, since two years ago, the company's performance had been deteriorating, and in order to save the company, Zhang Xiaohua's father did not only work tirelessly but also borrowed money from everywhere he could. As a result, he not only owed a bunch of money but also suffered from a serious illness during that period. In the end, it was difficult to hold on and; therefore, he had directly transferred most of his shares to Cao Dequan before his death.

He gave Cao Dequan 43 percent of his shares, allowing him to gain control of 48 percent of the company, and as a way of thanking and reassuring the investors, he also gave them three percent of his remaining shares, allowing them to also have 48 percent of the company.

He gave the remaining shares, which was four percent to Zhang Xiaohua. His father then recommended Cao Dequan as the company's chairman. After all, the company was the lifelong effort of Zhang Xiaohua's father, and he did not want it to be destroyed in the hands of an outsider.

After Cao Dequan's financial backing and management, the company was back on track and at present date, the market price was at 50 billion yuan and owned many songs and stars, and was one of the top ten multi-functional entertainment companies in Huaxia.

It was a pity that two months ago, Zhang Xiaohua's father had died of illness and apart from the house, a truckload of debt, and four percent of company shares, he left almost nothing to his wife and child.

However, to Zhang Xiaohua's pleasure, it seemed that both families had already set up a marriage agreement as early as ten years ago between their children.

In other words, this beautiful girl was to be his future wife!

Remembering this, Zhang Xiaohua's excitement instantly picked up.

Imagining that, sooner or later, this Cao Feifei would meet him in the bridal chamber, Zhang Xiaohua was even more excited, so much that his blood boiled and flowed straight into his nose, almost spewing out from his nostrils.

His heart could not wait!

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