Rebirth Of The Big Shot

Chi Ai got transmigrated to a novel as a side character. Before Tranmisgration she was the top experimented ' Razer '. The side character Chi Ai was destined to die and is hated in the novel by her family. Chi Ai decides to change the fate of her and her family as well as her brothers who doted on her till the last breath of their life. But she never appreciated them and harm them resulting in being hated by them. She mocks those who call her untalented, well to all those she was a divine doctor, professional researcher, a world-famous hacker, and many more. She starts a business and becomes a legendary businesswoman. Her maternal family thinks she is after their 100 million yuan assets, sorry but her every single company has a minimum asset of 5 billion yuan. __________________________ Her Eldest Brother who is a famous doctor:" Whoever dares to touch my sister I will let them face my scalpel" Her Second Brother who is a famous technology genius: " If you dare to bully my sister, I will give you an electric shock" Her third brother who is a famous entertainment artist " My sister is sweet, don't bully or I will show you the power of my fans" Her Younger Sister who is a famous fashion designer: " Don't you dare to bully my sister or I will let you see the wrath of my scissors " Certain playful vicious second male lead " Hey sweetie, let's get married, I can't wait to tell the wolf eyeing you that you are mine" He glanced at her as if she was his little prey....... Chi Ai: Wait wasn't they supposed to hate her?........ Join the journey of our second viscous female lead, to know how she changes her fate and how she unravels mysteries about her. This is an original work. I will update the novel on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Stay tuned.

LittleRabbit1111 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
275 Chs

Chapter 41: Researcher R

Ju Yichen was reluctant to part away but on the surface, he nodded and said, "Thanks Miss Chi Ai for today, if you need any help in near future do call me."

Chi Ai tapped his tensed shoulders and said, "Keep a close eye on your enemy."

She then nodded and left.

She treated him as if he was a child.

Jun Yichen stared in the direction where Chi Ai left, he can't pinpoint why but he felt somewhat unhappy.

Ignoring the unhappiness he turned towards his subordinates and ordered them to investigate the matter.

After finishing his order, Jun Yichen was lost in thoughts.

Currently, his sharp features highlighted his icy and noble temperament.

He was contemplating about the cold yet calm, beautiful yet treacherous, and smart yet dumb Chi Ai.

Just then he was informed that Mrs. Jun was awakened, she was slightly drowsy though.

However, her drowsiness faded perceiving the absence of Chi Ai.

She tried to sit up with the help of the headboard of the bed but failed.

Jun Yichen hurriedly assisted her to sit.

Before he could speak, Mrs. Jun reprimanded him, "How dare you falsely accuse Ai? Ah Chen I will disown you if you held grudges against that sweet child."

Jun Yichen was rendered speechless.

He muttered in a barely audible voice, "You are disowning me as though I am garbage, what's so special about her ?"

Mrs. Jun frowned, "What did you say?"

Jun Yichen hurriedly shook his head and changed the topic swiftly, "Mom you need to nourish your body. Ai said so"

He called out Chi Ai's name naturally, however, Mrs. Jun felt goosebumps creeping over her.

She stared at Jun Yichen in disbelief.

Jun Yichen without any guilt asked, " Mom how did you get acquainted with Ai?."

Mrs. Jun's mind diverted and said, " Ai can cure your father..."

Jun Yichen interjected her and said, "Mom, how can you be sure?"

Mrs. Jun said with trust in her eyes, "Ah Chen, she is a miracle doctor, do you remember Researcher R?"

Jun Yichen nodded, he still has some impression of this name.

His eyes flashed briefly, he doesn't need his mother to comprehend the meaning behind her statement.

However, he was astonished but not doubtful.

If had not met her and her mother had claimed that she found Researcher R he would have doubted her.

But the aura around that little girl was difficult to comprehend.

Mrs. Jun tactfully and silently shut her mouth.

Chi Ai's identity was to be kept confidential, or else it would be harmful to her.

Jun Yichen didn't doubt the authenticity of Mrs. Jun's word.

Mrs. Jun asked, "Where is Ai?"

Jun Yichen explained, "She has her family member waiting that is why she left. She said she would meet you directly at the auction house."

Mrs. Jun fell into deep thought.

All of sudden she held Jun Yichen's hand and said hopefully, "Might be she can cure you too..."

Before Mrs. Jun could continue, Jun Yichen said with a self-mockery, "Mum don't talk nonsense."

His illness...

It can't be cured...

Or maybe.....


Chi Ai arrived at the hall.

Ning Zhou asked, "Sister Ai are you alright?"

Chi Ai nodded and said, "I had to change my route from washroom to the office."

Hearing this Ning Zhan bends his head backward making a snapping sound with his finger as if he had guessed something correctly.

He asked or to be precise confirmed, "Oh, so that was how... So sister Ai did visit the bathroom."

One sentence was enough for Chi Ai to know what might have happened.

Indeed as she thought Ning Zhou said in a hushed tone, "Sister Ai we were worried about you so we.."

They visited the first-floor washroom, however, they were thoroughly shocked to see the 'Work in progress' symbol.

So when Chi Ai mentioned that she went into the office, they assumed that she went to the office for the washroom.

Chi Ai said nothing.

Just as she was about to say something, an unfamiliar voice came out from her behind, "Dad that is the young lady who stole my necklace."

Extra :

Chi Ai: You are a good child.

Jun Yichen: I can be a good husband too

Chi Ai: Shut up, go and get me cola.

Author: Guys do gift a cola Chi Ai is thirsty