36 Simply Insane

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When the elevator door opened, Ji Haoyu did not give Jian Ai a chance to speak. He turned around and directly entered the elevator. Jian Ai was about to go forward and grab the elevator door to argue with him when Wang Yunmei caught up and grabbed her.

The elevator door slowly closed. Jian Ai glared at the person inside unwillingly, but Ji Haoyu did not seem angry. Instead, he gave Jian Ai a provocative smile.

"Xiao Ai, forget it. We can't mess with Young Master Ji…" Wang Yunmei sighed and said to Jian Ai.

Putting aside the fact that they could not afford to offend Ji Haoyu, who would dare to offend him in Baiyun City?

Jian Ai looked at the tightly shut elevator door and felt a fit of nameless anger in her heart. The first thing she wanted to do after her rebirth was to let her mother leave this place. Everything was under her control, yet someone threw a wrench in the works unexpectedly. And this person just so happened to be someone she could not afford to provoke, Ji Haoyu, the only heir of Ji Group. His status and position were beyond her reach!

"Mom, are you going to stay and be the general manager?" Jian Ai asked Wang Yunmei after she regained her senses.

This happened so suddenly that Jian Ai felt that it was unreal. Ji Haoyu had just handed over the position of the general manager of such a big Yaochi Club to her mother just like that. How was this any different from pulling someone from the streets?

This was not being willful with money, right? This was simply insane!

"Since Young Master Ji said it himself, no one can joke about it. Although Mom has never been a manager, I can only take things one step at a time." As she said that, Wang Yunmei could not help but squeeze out a smile. "Mom knows that you don't want me to drink anymore. Don't worry, once you become a manager, you won't drink often."

After hearing what Wang Yunmei said, Jian Ai nodded. As long as her mother did not drink alcohol every day and could avoid liver cancer, she would agree to anything.

On the other side, the moment the elevator door closed, the smile on Ji Haoyu's face completely disappeared.

The phone rang. Ji Haoyu picked it up casually. On the other end, Qiu Jiahao's excited voice could be heard. "Hey, Young Master Ji. How was it? Did you receive the person?"

"No!" Ji Haoyu said coldly, expressionless.

Qiu Jiahao was stunned for a moment. Then, his tone became serious. "What's going on? Didn't she say that she would be flying to Baiyun Airport tonight?"

"I don't know either." Ji Haoyu hid his expression, making it impossible to tell whether he was happy or angry. He said calmly, "Let her be."

Qiu Jiahao couldn't help but sigh. "What should we do then? I even specially prepared a party for her! Why don't you come over yourself? I'll drink with you!"

"You guys have fun on your own. I'm not going." After speaking, Ji Haoyu hung up.

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