55 Don't Go Overboard

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Because there were many subjects in the afternoon, the sky darkened after the students finished their examinations. Many of them were mentally and physically exhausted.

"Oh my, Chemistry is too difficult. I might get into the last five classes this time…"

"In the past, the monthly examination was split into two days. This time, everything was squeezed into one day. My head is going to explode."

"That's right. I was fine in the morning, but my mind was a mess in the afternoon. I even forgot about the Rule of Zhenguan."

Everyone was grumbling. A large number of people did not perform well.

At the school gate, Jian Ai saw Lin Yi and the others as soon as she came out. Guan Tao had also come out early.

"Xiao Ai!" Guan Tao waved at her excitedly.

Jian Ai looked up and saw a black limousine behind them. The driver in a black suit stood expressionlessly at the door.

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