In Z-City, a stark naked girl laid on a bed inside an ice-cold underground laboratory. She had a shaved head, and there were syringes and test tubes injected into her entire body; two tubes as thick as an adult human arm were also stabbed into her head. Her entire body was covered with purple bruises.

To Qin Yi, the pure white laboratory was the dirtiest place in the world. She truly wanted to die.

"Di!" The door opened and a lady dressed in a white gown walked in leisurely, followed by a man in a white oriental gown.

"Elder sister, I've brought you good news." Qin Jiaojiao looked at Qin Yi's numb face, flicked the long hair on her bosom, and continued. "Daddy is about to become the authoritarian of Z-City's rescue district. I have to say, this was all thanks to elder sister's selfless contributions."

At Qin Yi's indifference, Qin Jiaojiao smiled. "Oh right, elder sister, Zheng Zhong and I are going to be married. But I'm afraid that I can't invite you to the wedding feast. After all, you know how much Daddy and Zheng Zhong hate you."

Qin Yi's eyes were filled with hatred as she struggled and howled in anguish.

Qin Jiaojiao's gaze was extremely gentle. "Aiyaya, what are you trying to say, elder sister? Oh, I forgot that you can't speak."

Qin Yi continued struggling as her eyes dyed red with overflowing hatred.

Seeing Qin Yi's embarrassing actions, Qin Jiaojiao laughed out loud. "Qin Yi, so what if you're an ice-lightning dual-ability user? In the end, Daddy still abandoned you and Zheng Zhong doesn't even want you. I am the real young miss of the Qin family, and you're nothing but a bane." Qin Jiaojiao's eyes were suddenly filled with a crazed look, and even her beautiful face had distorted into an ugly look. "Today, I will peel out the ability core from your brain. But don't you worry, your powers will soon be mine."

With that, Qin Jiaojiao gestured to Doctor Lin. He sauntered over to Qin Yi's side, revealing his face that was filled with fanaticism. He picked up a surgical knife and made cuts on Qin Yi bit by bit, as though appreciating an outstanding work of art.

As Qin Yi felt the pain, she detested and truly hated Qin Jiaojiao, Zheng Zhong, and all of those who lied to her. But most of all, she hated her stupid self.

'Heh, if I could do it all over again, I would not let a single one of you go!'

As she heard Qin Jiaojiao's maniacal laughter, Qin Yi felt her consciousness gradually fading. She was free.

"Who allowed you to come here? Get lost."

"Our Qin family doesn't welcome you, leave now."

"You trash, why are you a girl? Why are you forbidding him from seeing me, ah?"

"Hey, we're not going to play with you anymore, illegitimate child. Your mother is a vixen, you're a little vixen."

Qin Yi was perspiring from head to toe. 'No, no, I'm not, I'm not. Why doesn't anyone want me?'

Qin Yi suddenly sat up on the bed with widened eyes as she gasped for breath. She was startled as the familiar room entered her eyes. She quickly turned to the headboard, only to see the calendar marked with the date 1st of July, 2012. She had truly undergone a rebirth, a rebirth that had brought her to half a month before the start of the apocalypse.

She suddenly started laughing hysterically, which then turned into a bawl. Large drops of tears fell from her eyes, as though venting out all the grievances in her life. After crying for an unknown period of time, Qin Yi opened her eyes once more. This time, her eyes were void of tears and only a distorted smile remained on her face. The corners of her mouth twitched as her entire body emitted a cold, baleful aura, as though she was a devil that had crawled out of the depths of hell.

'Qin Family, Zheng Family, Doctor Lin, are all of you prepared? I, Qin Yi, have returned.'

Qin Yi got up and took a shower. Once done, she looked into the mirror at the thin, weak, and malnourished girl who had long bangs covering half of her face and gave a mocking smile. She lifted her bangs and revealed a slightly tanned but delicate and beautiful face.

More than anything, Qin Jiaojiao hated that Qin Yi was prettier than her. Qin Yi could clearly recall a time back when she was 10 years-old, where Qin Jiaojiao had looked at her weakly with tears in her eyes and said as though she had been wronged, "Elder sister, everyone says you're prettier than Jiaojiao. Jiaojiao is unhappy."

At that point in time, Qin Yi had truly doted on her younger sister. To keep her happy, she kept her fringe long to hide her face. This action lasted for six years.

During her childhood, she had no father and stayed with her maternal grandmother and mother. Her mother hated her and constantly scolded and beat her. Only her grandmother protected her. Her grandmother was Qin Yi's only ray of light.

When she was five, her mother brought her to an extremely beautiful house. Inside the house was an extremely cold uncle, an aunt that had a terrible smile, two boys that stared at her with intense rage, and a pleasant little girl.

Her mother then told her that they were her father, elder brothers, and younger sister. She happily greeted them, feeling that having a father was so great, but she only received disgust and beratings in return.

She and her mother stayed in another beautiful home, but the man she called father never visited her and the beatings and scoldings she received from her mother intensified. When she was 10 years old, her grandmother and mother passed away in succession, leaving the man no choice but to bring her home. It made her extremely happy, but she received nothing but indifference and disinterest.

Only Qin Jiaojiao bothered about her, and this affection quickly made Qin Yi adore her kind younger sister. She relied on her and covered her own face for her. When boys bullied Jiaojiao, she was the first to come to her help. To conceal her own strength, she willingly placed last in the rankings and voluntarily left the Qin family.

Her water ability awakened when the apocalypse happened. Nevertheless, she did her utmost to protect the Qin family. She thought her father and family had slowly accepted her, but they quickly drifted apart once they awakened their own abilities. She thought that she was not doing enough and killed even more zombies as if her life depended on it. This transformed her water ability into ice.

After arriving in Z-City's rescue district, she accepted missions daily for the Qin family's sake, so that they could eat well. One of the missions awakened her lightning ability. Aware that her father intended to grasp power, she worked harder to expand their influence. Countless people were willing to follow her, who had dual abilities, but she directed them all to her father.

After that, Doctor Lin from Kyoto requested to study all the first awakened ability users. Trusting her younger sister, she offered herself up to Doctor Lin. After that, she suffered all sorts of torment every day, along with daily visits from her good younger sister. This action shattered her 20-year long dreams.

"You really thought that I adored you, but I was only playing with you."

"You illegitimate child, you thought daddy would accept you? In your dreams."

"Dad was just using you to pave a road for our Qin family, and it was his idea to give you to Doctor Lin."

"Haha, do you know why daddy and all the teachers and classmates hate you? It is because I was constantly telling them things about you. Your reputation was ruined by me."

"You pitiful scum, I am the real young miss of the Qin Family. You're nothing but a bane. Everything of yours was given to you by me on a whim."

Upon recalling the past, the cold intent in Qin Yi's eyes grew deeper. 'Heh, pitiful scum, let us see who the true pitiful scum of this world is.'

As Qin Yi picked up a towel and dried her hair, she suddenly discovered an enchanting black jimson weed that was the size of a baby's fist. She reached out to touch it involuntarily. 'Since when did this flower appear here? It wasn't there in my previous life.'

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