Rebirth of Lady Rosanne Book

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Rebirth of Lady Rosanne


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"the queen shall be beheaded for the death of the king's concubine, Odette Schachtschneider" the man holding a scroll spoke out in a loud tone. there she was wrists tied up against the wooden cross plank with her head hung low, her blouse that was once white now covered in dirt. a face that was once powdered up so elegantly now stained with old tears and filth, those eyes that had a glint of fire igniting now feign upon a blank and soulless orb. the king who sat in his big golden chair all high and mighty watches his queen in a dreadful state, with this emotionless expression plastered on his face. "go on." was the last two words she had heard coming out of her beloved husband's mouth before everything went completely silent and black. I was wronged..... .....this isn't fair. I was framed... .....if I were to go back... I'll do something different! (art cover by; serenity aka me)


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