1 Chapter 1-Jay


The teenager woke up in the dark. He felt a slight headache.

Before his eyes… was a completely unfamiliar sight.

Where was he?


Some memories appeared.

Jay, nineteen years old, a little boy whose dream is to become a idol .

This was his current identity.

"I have actually transmigrated."

Jay rubbed his head while a long time to accept this fact.

"It seemed like I was dead…"

Jay was in a trance.

In his previous life,he was a fomous rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer, known as the "King of K-pop".

He officially debuted in 2006, as the leader of the South Korean group, Crazy Bang , which went on to become one of the best-selling boy bands in the world.

The Korea Times has called him a "genius singer-songwriter", citing that his songs became instant hits and anthems for young people around the country.

In 2008, Jay became the youngest person to be listed on The 10 Greatest Korean Composers at the age of 20.

As of February 2018, the Korea Music Copyright Association has 172 songs listed under his name.He received $700,000 annually in royalties alone. He was a perfect man but died in an accident and became a little boy.

"What a joke, bull s**t! "

After a few minutes, he concentrated his mind. Since he had transmigrated and was given a new life, wouldn't it be pointless if his ultimate goal was to return to the past

Jay let out a long breath, finally calming himself down.

He should forget whatever had happened in his past life. He should be concerned with the present.

He checked this little boy's memories and memories started flooding in.

Jay! Ohh, they were the same name.

Only nineteen years old!

He came from a good family. His parents were in good health. He had an older sister, a famous rookie singer of one of the Big 3 entertainment, Genesis Entertainment . He had received a good education. He seemed to be doing fairly well.

But why would he died at the end?

This little boy wanted to be an idol by trying himself without his family's help.

One day he had produced a good music and requested his friend to help him to write lyrics.


A friend he considered a blood brother betrayed him and stole three months worth of his work. Succumbing to the blows, this man chose the final resolution-suicide.

Jay frowned his brows and said to himself "What a stupid little boy".

After all, it was merely a case of heartbreak,piracy and betrayal. If you try again, then you can get the success.

As Jay canvassed the memories of his host body, exasperation mixed with pity. Someone who chose to resolve things like this was too cowardly. It was a form of avoidance. The host was dead, and yet the person who poached his work was living happily and enjoying greater status. Was his death worth it?

In any case, Jay felt it wasn't. Current grievances were best avenged in the present-who knew if there was an afterlife.

The original owner of his body was afraid to confront his circumstances, but Jay was different.

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