Rebirth of Aron Blackthorn: A Pokémon Odyssey

In the world of Pokémon, Aron Blackthorn was a visionary who dedicated his life to bridging the gap between humans and Pokémon, aspiring for harmonious coexistence. His journey was filled with adventure, mediation, and moments of profound connection. But in a world plagued by ceaseless conflict driven by humanity's hunger for power, Aron's efforts to unite both species met a tragic end on the battlefield. As Aron faced his untimely demise, his final thoughts were consumed by a desperate desire: a chance to rewrite history and bring redemption to a suffering world. Suddenly, a new opportunity arises—a second life—beckoning him to embark on a journey of reparation. "Rebirth of Aron Blackthorn: A Pokémon Odyssey" is a fanfiction that explores the depth of Aron's commitment to unity and the consequences of relentless warfare. It follows his second chance at life as he strives to fulfill his vision of a world where humans and Pokémon live in harmony. With unexpected twists, profound encounters, and the enduring spirit of hope, Aron's odyssey promises to be a captivating and heartwarming adventure for Pokémon fans and enthusiasts of storytelling alike. “I do not own Pokémon, or any of the related characters. The Pokémon series is created by Satoshi Tajiri and owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. All rights to the original Pokémon world belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. This story is fanfiction and is meant only for fun.”

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Beneath the Oak

As Agatha joined us near the outskirts of Pallet Town, I maintained a playful demeanor, teasing Lance about his attempt to be a hero. Lance, still slightly miffed but realizing the situation was now under control, grumbled under his breath.

Agatha, unfazed by my jesting, redirected the conversation toward our pending meeting with Professor Oak. She wore a sheepish grin as she suggested we meet him right away. However, I couldn't resist playfully scolding her for revealing my involvement in the invention of the device.

I said, "Well, Lady Agatha, I still remember telling you last time not to expose my involvement in any of the inventions or products I share with the Blackthorn family. And what do you do? You first exposed the existence of the PSP to your colleagues among the Guardians, and now you've already shared with the professor that I was the one who invented the device. Am I wrong?"

My teasing had an underlying purpose, as I knew that eventually I would need to step into the limelight to achieve my dreams in the world of Pokémon. Meeting Professor Oak was just the beginning of a journey that required not only innovation but also recognition.

Agatha didn't miss a beat and replied to my teasing accusation with a playful glint in her eyes. "Well, you know me, Aron. I can't resist boasting about my little genius family member who's changing the world of Pokémon technology. But don't worry, I haven't revealed all your secrets... just enough to pique the professor's interest."

Lance, still feeling a little embarrassed about his earlier actions, interjected with a question. "So, are we going to meet Professor Oak now, or should we finish up here first?"

I contemplated the situation for a moment before responding. "I think it's best to finish up here first. Let's ensure these children are safe and the smuggling operation is dismantled. We don't want any loose ends".

Professor Oak's Pokémon reserve was a sprawling haven, much larger than the one I currently had. It stretched from the outskirts of Pallet Town all the way to the pristine coastline. The diversity of Pokémon in his reserve was a testament to his extensive knowledge and research.

Lance and I ventured into the reserve, accompanied by one of Professor Oak's assistant and a couple of Blackthorn guards who followed at a short distance, providing us with a sense of security. My affinity with Pokémon drew the creatures closer to us, and the assistant began to introduce some of the unique Pokémon to us.

We encountered a massive Blastoise near a serene pond, its towering cannons glistening in the sunlight. I explained to Lance how Blastoise's water-based attacks made it a formidable Water-type Pokémon. Its ability to create powerful torrents of water was particularly impressive.


Species: Shellfish Pokémon

Gender: Male

Status: Healthy

Level: 1002

Stage: Palladium

Height: 1.9 m

Weight: 120.3 kg

Type: Water

Potential: Dark Green

Ability: Torrent

Hidden Ability: Rain Dish


HP: 1303 

Attack: 1047 

Defense: 1181 

Special Attack: 1062 

Special Defense: 1220 

Speed: 1008 


Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam, Scald, Rapid Spin, Shell Smash, Earthquake, Aqua Tail, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, Blizzard, Toxic, Protect, Roar, Haze, Mirror Coat, Fake Out, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Water Gun, Bite, Water Pulse, Withdraw, Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Bite, Withdraw, Rapid Spin, Bite, Skull Bash, Water Gun, Iron Defense, Dragon Pulse, Yawn, Confuse Ray, Mirror Coat, Haze, Whirlpool, Brine, Withdraw, Rain Dance.

As we continued our exploration following Professor Oak's assistant, we finally ended by a patio by the lakeside. Agatha approached us, accompanied by Professor Oak himself. Professor Oak was a middle-aged man with gray hair who sported a light lilac polo shirt underneath his lab coat. He wore a brown belt supporting his beige pants, along with matching brown loafers. His eyes sparkled with wisdom and curiosity, mirroring a deep connection to the world of Pokémon.

With a warm and welcoming demeanor, Professor Oak greeted us, "Welcome, young ones. I've heard remarkable things about both of you from Agatha here. It's a pleasure to meet you, Aron, and Lance." His voice carried the tone of someone who had dedicated their life to understanding the mysteries of Pokémon.

As Agatha and Lance ventured off to explore the Dragon-type Pokémon area of Oak's reserve, Professor Oak and I strolled along the edge of a serene lake. With my permission, I had dismissed the guards so we could converse freely. Oak was eager to learn more about the genius Blackthorn child who had created the PSP device, a secret he had kept from the professor.

"So you are the child prodigy that Agatha has been boasting about for the past 2 years, but if you were the one who invented that device, then calling you a mere genius would be an insult. It seems like Agatha has kept a lot of secrets from me," Oak remarked, his curiosity piqued.

I replied with a wry smile, "Well, I suppose not as much as you, Professor Oak. A blessing from a mythical Pokémon—that's not something you come across every day."

The mention of my blessing made Oak visibly surprised, and his curiosity got the better of him. "How did you... Well, never mind; if you can even tell something like that, then my guess is you must have also received a similar blessing from a stronger Pokémon, I suppose."

I nodded in acknowledgment while Professor Oak continued. "It's a blessing from a Celebi. It happened when I was a child, just like how you are now, maybe a bit older. I'm just curious; how old are you, by the way, Aron?"

I was intrigued by his openness in admitting the secret that he had revealed. "Well, yes, you could say that. And I am currently 5 years old; I'll turn 6 in a month. So, I'm just curious; with the blessing, you should have reached the True Legendary rank, right?"

Professor Oak had a thoughtful expression before admitting, "There's nothing I can hide from you, I suppose. Agatha was right when she asked me to be careful around you, and now I know why."

We continued our leisurely walk and eventually came across a colony of Eevee. The moment they laid their eyes on me, they surrounded me, displaying unusual confidence and playfulness. Eevee were typically shy Pokémon, but they seemed completely at ease with my presence.

Professor Oak observed the affectionate Eevee surrounding me and couldn't help but remark, "Seems like they like you very much. Normally, they wouldn't even approach my assistants unless they needed something. It seems like your blessing gives you a lot of perks. Care to share which Mythical Pokemon the blessing was from?"

I chuckled at his inquiry but didn't divulge the specific details. "Well, Professor, every Pokémon has its own unique story and attributes. For now, I'd prefer to keep that information private."

Noticing that each Eevee in the group carried an Everstone around their neck, I asked Oak for an explanation: "I'm curious; each of these Eevee is past their evolution stage, but why are they each carrying an Everstone, Professor?"

With a proud smile, Professor Oak began to reveal a fascinating project. "Oh, you have a keen eye, kid. I recently found an ancient scroll that contained a few details about Eevee having an evolution form of each major type. I've been carrying out research to find their other evolutionary forms. This group of Eevee volunteered for the project, and here we are."

The idea of discovering new Eeveelutions intrigued me. I couldn't help but ask Oak with a grin, "Say, Professor, how famous would one become if suddenly six new Eevee evolution came into the picture?"

Professor Oak's eyes sparkled with excitement as he continued to explain, "Kid, the discovery of six new Eeveelutions would be groundbreaking! It could open up entirely new avenues in Pokémon research and change the way we think about evolution. The scientific community would be in awe, and trainers worldwide would be clamoring to obtain these new Eeveelutions for their teams."

In response to Professor Oak's enthusiasm about the potential discovery of new Eeveelutions, I chose to remain silent. While he was excited about the research and its potential implications, I had reservations and something else on my mind that weighed heavily.

The professor noticed my silence and the thoughtful expression on my face. He understood that there was more to my hesitation, and he respected my need to process my thoughts.

"I can help you with the research, but I first would like to ask you a few questions, Professor, if that's alright with you." I finally broke the silence and directed a question toward Professor Oak.

The professor recognized that he couldn't treat me like a typical child and understood that my maturity exceeded my age. He turned solemn, aware of the gravity of the conversation about to unfold.

"Well, go on, Aron. Ask your questions. I may choose not to answer some of them, and I hope you understand," he replied, respecting my desire for answers.

As we continued walking through the professor's reserve, I decided to throw a conversational bombshell. I turned to Professor Oak with a hint of intrigue in my voice and said, "I'm sure you should be aware of the League's recent activities." My words hung in the air for a moment, and I watched as the professor unconsciously paused for a second before resuming his pace.

Professor Oak's hesitation was evident as he responded, "Do we really have to discuss this topic, little Aron? I'm sure there are so many other things we could talk about. Why would you want to broach such a grave matter?"

I maintained a steady, intense gaze on the professor as I replied, "I have a dream, Professor, a grand one, even more profound than the one you currently pursue. And to fulfill such a dream, I need to know who my enemies are."

The gravity of my words hung in the air, and the aura I exuded seemed to press upon the professor, making him realize that the answers he provided today would have far-reaching implications, potentially reshaping the future of the Pokémon world.

"Professor, I understand it's a sensitive topic, but it's one that I believe is essential to my path. The recent League activities, their motives, and how they might affect the world... it's crucial knowledge," I said, trying to convey the urgency of my inquiry.

Professor Oak sighed, understanding that there was no avoiding this discussion. "Very well, Aron. You're right; it's important to be informed about these matters. The League has been acting in a way that raises many questions. There have been reports of them amassing resources and expanding their influence at an unprecedented rate."

I nodded, absorbing this information. "And what about the sudden increase in legendary Pokémon encounters? Is it related to their activities?"

The professor paused, his face showing the weight of the knowledge he held. "There are rumors, unverified, of course, that the League has made significant discoveries related to legendary Pokémon. They might be trying to harness their power for their own purposes. But, Aron, you must understand that this is all speculation at this point. We lack concrete evidence."

I maintained my composure, even as my mind raced with possibilities. "Speculation or not, Professor, it's the uncertainty that's unsettling. And the fact that my family, the Blackthorns, is deeply involved in these complex matters."

Oak nodded solemnly. "Your family wields a considerable influence, and that influence can be used for good or ill. It's a responsibility that falls on your shoulders as well, especially given your unique abilities."

"Then you should understand what is to come next, Professor. I know that you have a deep attachment to the League, and I would really like to know exactly where you stand. Because it simply would be a pity if you were to defend the wrong side, and the League has already crossed the bottom line, so there is no turning back anymore."

My words hung in the air, heavy and laden with the stark reality of the situation. Professor Oak, deep in thought, weighed my words and the implications they held.

"Little one, there is much you don't know about the inner workings of the League," Oak began, choosing his words carefully. "I understand your resolve, but I also know that not everyone within the League is evil, as you say. There are those who serve with honorable intentions, even if they don't fully grasp the League's true agenda. People can change, Aron. It's our responsibility to give them that chance."

"You should have thought of such things before you let go of the rein, Professor, Even now, I can assure you that our family will not act unless and until the League makes the first move, but we will make sure to show no mercy to anyone involved in the upcoming conflict and if that ends up in killing every last one of the League members, then so be it."

As my conversation with Professor Oak came to a close, I left him to his contemplation, hoping that our discussion had given him much to consider. Stepping out into the bright sunlight, I spotted Agatha and Lance waiting for me.

Agatha, her expression a mix of curiosity and concern, wasted no time in inquiring, "So, Aron, how did your talk with the professor go?"

I shrugged, the weight of our conversation still hanging heavily on my mind. "It's in the professor's hands now. He's got a lot to think about, and it's his decision to make."

Agatha nodded, clearly worried about her old friend's choice in the matter. "I hope he chooses wisely, for all our sakes."

Changing the topic, I turned to Agatha and asked, "Did you manage to gather all the information I requested?"

A puzzled look crossed her face as she responded, "I did, but I can't help but wonder why you need all the information on the orphaned children in Pallet Town, Aron."

I couldn't help but smirk at her curiosity and reached for the list she held. "It's part of a bigger plan, Agatha. I'll let you in on the details when the time is right. For now, I just need this information."

Agatha raised an eyebrow but handed over the list without pressing further, trusting that I had my reasons. Together, we walked back through the sprawling Pokémon reserve, lost in our thoughts about the future and the choices that lay ahead.

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