Rebirth of Aron Blackthorn: A Pokémon Odyssey

In the world of Pokémon, Aron Blackthorn was a visionary who dedicated his life to bridging the gap between humans and Pokémon, aspiring for harmonious coexistence. His journey was filled with adventure, mediation, and moments of profound connection. But in a world plagued by ceaseless conflict driven by humanity's hunger for power, Aron's efforts to unite both species met a tragic end on the battlefield. As Aron faced his untimely demise, his final thoughts were consumed by a desperate desire: a chance to rewrite history and bring redemption to a suffering world. Suddenly, a new opportunity arises—a second life—beckoning him to embark on a journey of reparation. "Rebirth of Aron Blackthorn: A Pokémon Odyssey" is a fanfiction that explores the depth of Aron's commitment to unity and the consequences of relentless warfare. It follows his second chance at life as he strives to fulfill his vision of a world where humans and Pokémon live in harmony. With unexpected twists, profound encounters, and the enduring spirit of hope, Aron's odyssey promises to be a captivating and heartwarming adventure for Pokémon fans and enthusiasts of storytelling alike. “I do not own Pokémon, or any of the related characters. The Pokémon series is created by Satoshi Tajiri and owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. All rights to the original Pokémon world belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. This story is fanfiction and is meant only for fun.”

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A Sinister Plot

The meeting room fell into a sombre hush after the chairman's detailed explanation of the situation in the Sinnoh region. The weight of their actions and the potential consequences loomed heavily over the attendees. The Sinnoh region's richness in energy and natural resources made it of paramount importance to their corporations, and the delicate situation created by the League had put them in a precarious spot.

"Chairman, it's not my intention to insult you or imply incompetence, but can the League truly handle such a delicate matter?" Mr. Clover's voice carried a tinge of exasperation. "You let go of a treasure that was almost in our grasp. Could you not have handled the matter more delicately or, if drastic actions were necessary, executed them with such subtlety that no one could trace them back to us? This is negligence on your part, Chairman."

As Mr. Clover expressed his displeasure, Mr. Stone, now more composed, recognized the complexity of the situation and proposed a focus on the path forward.

"Well, lamenting the past won't change anything," Mr. Stone concurred. "We need to consider our next steps. We cannot allow such a valuable resource to go to waste under the guise of superstition. We must gain complete control of that portal, and we cannot afford any more mistakes."

The chairman acknowledged the gravity of the situation and the importance of securing the Sinnoh region's resources.

"This is precisely why I requested a personal meeting with your corporations," the chairman continued. "With the support of Mr. Stone's Devon Corporation, we face no challenges to the League's authority in the Hoenn region. Even the other legacy families in Hoenn dare not challenge Devon Corporation. In Kanto, we maintain control thanks to esteemed individuals like Mr. Giovanni here. Even though it may be a bitter pill to swallow, Professor Oak's name carries significant weight, especially within the Kanto region. Even the legacy families there are willing to follow him. However, Professor Oak is an idealist who genuinely believes in cooperation and coexistence between humans and Pokémon. He will never align with our ideals."

As the chairman spoke about Professor Oak, Giovanni couldn't help but sneer. He had immense respect for Oak, not just because of his prestige but also because of the sheer power he possessed, both on the light and dark sides. Samuel Oak was a gentle titan in slumber, a man who stayed away from politics and power struggles but was capable of catastrophic consequences if provoked. He was a man whose interests demanded caution, a lesson anyone who truly knew him understood.

The mention of Samuel Oak emphasized the delicate web of power and influence that shaped their world. The chairman was aware that upsetting someone of Oak's stature could have dire repercussions, even for someone as influential as himself. The delicate balance of power in Kanto was something he had to handle with great care.

"Is there a way to get the man to come to the negotiation table under the guise of research, and once he is present, maybe subtly hint at our ideas?"

According to Mr. Clover, in their world, anyone, even a respected figure like Professor Oak, could be influenced. Money spoke louder than principles. Mr. Stone, too, was rather surprised by the suggestion because his principle was that anyone could be bought, and if someone says otherwise, then it just means the price wasn't right, having a different perspective that often aligned with the power of finances. However, both the chairman and Giovanni believed otherwise and simultaneously turned towards Mr. Clover as if they were looking at a jester with a death wish.

"Mr. Clover, you are a trusted friend of the League," the chairman began, "but you must never underestimate Samuel Oak. If he were aware of our actions in Sinnoh, he would come after us with vengeance before entertaining any discussion. Oak is not an option, and neither are the legacy families associated with him."

The chairman's stern words emphasized the gravity of dealing with someone like Professor Oak, who held tremendous power, both in influence and force.

"Well, from what I understand, the Blackthorn family seems to be the strongest family within the region of Kanto and Jhoto. Would it be possible to manipulate them into clashing with the legacy families and locals from the Sinnoh region? Because that way, even if there was a backlash, we could simply stay away from the blame and even deploy our own men to escalate conflict and sabotage both sides during the span of conflicts so that both sides are weakened, and this would be a win-win. So even if the the Blackthorn family emerges victorious, we can simply eliminate or subdue them completely because they would be in a weakened state and the public opinion would be against them."

The chairman's eyes lit up at the brilliance of Mr. Stone's suggestion, as it presented an opportunity to deal with the troublesome Blackthorn family and achieve their objectives with minimal risk. Before the chairman could delve into the details of the plan, Giovanni interrupted him.

"Before we look into this particular option, i have some information to share that i received just earlier today and i feel it is relevant if we are planning to involve the Blackthorn family."

Giovanni shared the crucial information that he had received just earlier: none of his agents who were undercover in the Blackthorn family have reported back.

"I have received valuable intelligence indicating a significant event within the entirety of the Blackthorn territory," Giovanni revealed. "Just yesterday night, almost all of their territories were enveloped within barriers, and no one knows what transpired inside. Furthermore, my assets within the Blackthorn territory have gone dark. None of my agents undercover in the family have contacted us."

The meeting attendees paid no heed to Giovanni's admission of having placed spies in the prestigious Blackthorn family. Instead, they focused on the information's significance, with the chairman feeling the most disturbed. He signaled for Sierra to leave the conference room and look into the matter.

As he turned his attention back to the meeting, the chairman reassured the others.

"I will investigate this matter further. In the meantime, let's continue our discussion. The main obstacle the League or the association faces are these Legacy families. They hold too much power and act as a hindrance to almost all our plans. We need to either subdue or eliminate them if we want true authority and decision-making power. I would like to hear your ideas on how to efficiently tackle this problem, gentlemen."

The chairman's statement refocused the meeting on the central issue at hand.

"Chairman, I will be blunt," Mr. Clover began."Currently, there are no known forces that could take on the Blackthorn family head-on and come out on top, and if we want to get rid of the Legacy family's status and influence, then we should take out the colossal titan that is the Blackthorn family first, because if we target anyone else, it will put the Blackthorns on full alert, and trying to take on a ravenous beast who is out for blood would be a fool's errand. If you doubt my words, you can even ask Mr. Stone here for his opinion."

"What Mr. Clover says is accurate," Mr. Stone added. "I have no qualms admitting that, even with the entire Hoenn region under our influence, our family is not confident in confronting the Blackthorn family head-on. They established absolute supremacy in a war that took place millennia ago. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this history, but it's not a mere rumor. They defeated three legendary-class trainers in that conflict and emerged victorious. So, if we intend to provoke such a formidable opponent, don't expect manpower from our corporations or our families. However, if you require resources, funds, or assistance with enlisting individuals who hold grudges against the Blackthorn family, we are more than willing to help."

Mr. Stone made it clear that the mega corporations would not be on the front lines of any potential conflict with the Blackthorn family but were willing to support the cause in other ways.

Giovanni was less hesitant to share his thoughts. With a mocking tone, he questioned the fear that seemed to grip Mr. Clover.

"Come now, gentlemen, are we not making a mountain out of a molehill here?" Giovanni scoffed. "That war happened nearly a millennium ago. Do you truly believe they hold the same power and influence to this day? If you fear them, you should simply admit it, Mr. Clover."

Giovanni's tone irked Mr. Clover, who was quick to respond.

"Well then, Mr. Giovanni, why don't you answer my question then?" Mr. Clover retorted. "Do you believe your secretive organization would dare confront the Blackthorn family head-on? Let's forget about a direct confrontation—would you be willing to strike at them from the shadows?"

The exchange of barbs continued, with Mr. Clover taunting Giovanni for his earlier disrespect. Giovanni remained unshaken and refused to respond.

"If I'm not mistaken," Mr. Clover continued, "even the esteemed Empress herself was humbled by the Blackthorn family in her days. I'm sure that particular incident still resonates as a significant part of history to this day."

With Mr. Clover's mention of the Empress, an intense wave of blood lust emanated from Giovanni, and his once calm and stern demeanor shifted to a murderous gaze directed at Mr. Clover. The chairman quickly stood between them to prevent any potential conflict.

"Calm down, gentleman, we are here so that we can prosper together and not go at each other's throats. Giovanni, my friend, why not, for my sake, let this matter slide today?" Mr. Stone acted as the voice of reason, mediating between the two to prevent any conflict.

After a few tense moments, Giovanni's aura and bloodlust receded, and he returned to his calm state. Both Mr. Stone and the chairman let out a sigh of relief and returned to their seats to continue their discussion.

"Well, we all agree that before we take any other steps, we must curb the power of the Legacy families, and it seems like we will have to confront the Blackthorn family first to do so. Going by your opinions, we are still not ready to confront them yet." The chairman felt disappointed because, even after exploring so many options, they could not come up with a feasible solution.

"It's not like we do not have any option at all, Mr. Chairman. Maybe I can propose an option that might be feasible." Giovanni lit the spark in the discussion that was about to be doused, and the chairman's eyes, which were dull a moment ago, flickered again.

"If you have any suggestions, please do share them with us. Maybe your perspective may provide us with an alternative for our current predicament." The chairman encouraged Giovanni to share his idea to see if it could be implemented.

"Tell me, Mr. Chairman, do you remember Lady Agatha's words from the meeting earlier about why the Blackthorn family holds such influence and goodwill within our society?" Giovanni directed a question at the chairman, and the others were also curious about what point he was trying to get at, as they knew what transpired in the League meeting earlier today.

"Please enlighten me, Mr. Giovanni. I am not aware of the particular instance to which you are referring from Lady Agatha's words," the chairman humbled himself to understand what exactly the man was hinting at.

"Per Lady Agatha's words, it's not the Blackthorn family's responsibility to ensure safety at the borders; it's out of their goodwill. But take, for instance, what would happen if a disaster were to originate from within the territories that the Blackthorns control and it led to heavy civilian casualties? Will not the public opinion turn against them, and would not the League then be morally and duty-bound to intervene? And with a huge enough casualty, you can even relieve all the territories under their control under the guise that the Blackthorns are not capable enough, were responsible for the disaster, and simply could not ensure the safety of the people." Giovanni gave a brief explanation of his plan for the room.

"Well, I am not sure that the plan is feasible. The Blackthorn family has enough manpower and even high-end Pokémon to counter such a disaster, even if we artificially trigger it." Mr. Stone countered Giovanni's idea with his valid argument, and the chairman had to agree with him because if the Blackthorn family were so easy to take down, he would have done so a long time ago.

"Well, gentlemen, say, for instance, if the trainers were unable to release their Pokémon, do you think we have a chance then? Maybe if we are lucky, we can even catch the higher echelons of the family off guard and eliminate them; this way, they would not even have a way to retaliate and would have to follow the League's arrangements." Giovanni continued with a teasing tone, leaving Mr. Clover shocked and perturbed about Giovanni's audacity and apparent access to top-secret information.

"Come now, Mr. Giovanni; this is no time for jesting. How can one expect to stop all the trainers in the family from releasing their Pokémon? It's not like we can simply request, and they would accept our proposal," the chairman expressed his disappointment, and it was evident in his voice.

"Mr. Chairman, I am sure that our dear friend Mr. Clover's latest invention from Silph Co should be able to help you solve that particular problem." Giovanni said these words with such blatant mockery that Mr. Clover's face flushed with anger. He wanted to respond but restrained himself, realizing that such high-profile secrets were now exposed.

Both the chairman and Mr. Stone were taken aback when they realized the gravity of Giovanni's revelation.

"Care to explain, Mr. Clover?" The chairman inquired with a grave tone. Everyone's focus was now on Mr. Clover, waiting for an explanation.

Mr. Clover remained silent as the others awaited his response, but it was Giovanni who interjected once again.

"Well, gentlemen, it's simply a device that disables all the Poké Balls within its effective radius. I'm sure Silph Co has taken care to add a safety lock in the form of a mainframe so that any particular Poké Ball included in the list will function normally, while any others within the device's range will be rendered inert. This includes any Poké Balls, even those personally crafted by the League and Devon Corporation. Currently, the only way to counter such a device is to have one of your own. Isn't that right, Mr. Clover? Or have I missed anything? Oh yes, by the way, I do have a complete copy of the new device's schematics and my own mainframe, just so you know." Giovanni directed his venomous words towards Mr. Clover.

"I guess we need to have a separate meeting regarding this new technology. I'm sure Mr. Clover will have no issues with sharing the technology with all of us for the collective good." The chairman decided that this matter should be discussed at a later time. With access to such a device, he was already considering the feasibility of Giovanni's earlier plan.

"Gentlemen, with access to Mr. Clover's technology, we should be able to deal a significant blow to the Blackthorns, making them either surrender or perish." The chairman expressed his newfound determination, eager to have the entire Blackthorn family under his control.

"But what if they have a Legendary Trainer who decides to intervene? All we have are rumors about his demise. What if he's still around? One Legendary Pokémon is all it would take to wipe us out completely," Mr. Clover questioned sarcastically. Now that his trump card was known to everyone, he was in a foul mood.

"Worry not about the Legendary Trainer; even if he's alive, he should be almost at death's door. I have someone in mind who has been waiting for such an opportunity for revenge against the Blackthorn family," the chairman shared his idea with a cruel glint in his eyes.

As the meeting progressed, the members focused on refining their plan to deal a crippling blow to the Blackthorn family. Giovanni, the mastermind behind this strategy, led the discussion with precision and cunning.

The chairman, Mr. Stone, Mr. Clover, and Giovanni gathered around a large holographic table that displayed a detailed map of the Blackthorn family's territories and the areas that were under their influence. They meticulously discussed the potential disaster scenarios that could cripple the Blackthorn family's power, making it crumble under its own weight.

Giovanni's suggestions were devious yet well-thought-out. He outlined a plan to manipulate public opinion, creating an environment where the League and the Mega corporations would be seen as saviors. The first step was to initiate a crisis in the Blackthorn territories that would evoke sympathy and anger from the general population; they even planned to send in the League's own team to delay, sabotage, or potentially eliminate any Blackthorn family members.

They delved into a thorough analysis of the Blackthorn family's power structure and their known legendary stage Pokémon. The members took note of the known members of the family, their strengths and weaknesses, and the possible political allies they could rely on for aid in times of emergency.

They also considered how to divert the attention of potential Legendary trainers who might come to the Blackthorn family's aid. Giovanni was confident that by spreading misinformation and manipulating public perception, they could make it seem as though the Blackthorn family was responsible for the disaster and unable to protect their citizens.

The group's strategic discussion was laced with ruthless determination. They were fully aware that history had shown that such tactics could work. Giovanni, with his intricate knowledge of the criminal underworld and covert operations, was a valuable asset. His insights into manipulating events and controlling narratives allowed the group to chart a course of action that could potentially topple the Blackthorn family from their perch of power.

As they continued their deliberations, it was clear that the meeting was headed toward a chilling conclusion. With each passing moment, the plan grew more refined and sinister, setting the stage for a disaster that would reshape the power dynamics in their world. The Blackthorn family had no inkling of the storm that was brewing, one that could lead to their ultimate downfall.

With their strategy solidifying, the group felt confident that their meticulously crafted plan would spell disaster for the Blackthorn family. They knew that the outcome would not only shift the balance of power but also bring the legacy families under the control of the league and mega corporations, a long-sought goal that was now on the brink of realization.

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