319 Even I Get Worried When I Go Berserk

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Gu Xiqiao dismantled the Cyberspace and erected a barrier that completely isolated the Huangfu manor from the outside world. 

However, the bloody stench that filled the air had already spread around the rest of Mingzhou.

A new group of people had arrived at the Wei family's doorstep.

There was a bald monk with a flowing white beard, an enigmatic Taoist priest, and a Taoist priestess with a tranquil expression…

These were the almighty hermits of the ancient martial arts world. Their strength might not be on par with the Great Elder or his second-in-command but underestimating them would be a deadly mistake.

The Taoist priest specialized in slaying demons, exorcisms, casting spells, metaphysics, and an array of seemingly other-worldly subjects. The highest plane one could get in this realm was the perfect unity of heaven and man. Thus, they possessed knowledge of everything that existed between heaven and earth.


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