118: Jealous, eh? Go take the exam! _1

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Upon hearing this.

There was some silence in the living room.

Although Grandpa Mo and Grandma Mo had hoped that Mo Baichuan and Li Xianxian could get together in the past, they were disappointed by Li Xianxian's recent behavior.

Especially after the incident about the gift dress was exposed by Grandma Zheng, Mo Rongping and Xiu Jiao had gone out of their way to discuss this matter with Grandpa Mo and Grandma Mo.

They felt that Li Xianxian was too vain and did not match up with Mo Baichuan.

Consequently, Grandpa Mo and Grandma Mo had given up the idea of setting the two of them up.

Unexpectedly, when they had tried to pair these two in the past, they had not gotten together, but now that they left them alone, they had unexpectedly ended up together.

What's going on?

Grandpa Mo and Grandma Mo looked at each other and saw the dilemma in each other's eyes.

A flicker of displeasure flashed in Li Xianxian's eyes but was quickly gone.