117: Clever Mrs. Zheng, Meeting the Parents One by One (revised)_6

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Old Mrs. Mo said cheerfully, "Xiaodie, you can't call Ni Yang 'Sister Ni Yang' anymore."

"Why?" Mo Hudie asked curiously.

Mo Qishen squatted down, looking at Mo Hudie, "Because Sister Ni Yang is now your uncle's girlfriend."

Mo Hudie exclaimed, "Really?"

Mo Qishen nodded.

Mo Hudie continued, "Uncle, I knew you had a thing for Sister Ni Yang!"

Mo Qishen: "..."

Mo Hudie added, "So does that mean Sister Ni Yang will be my future auntie?"

"Yes." Mo Qishen nodded.

Mo Hudie looked at Ni Yang, "Auntie, if my uncle dares to bully you, just tell me. I will kick his ass for you!"

Ni Yang laughed and pinched Mo Hudie's face, "Okay."

Mo Baichuan's face got darker. He turned around and walked toward the door.

Old Mrs. Mo asked, "Chuanchuan, where are you going?"

"To pick up my girlfriend!" Mo Baichuan responded without turning back.

He was really curious to see if Ni Yang could hold her breath!

Old Mrs. Mo wondered aloud, "When did this boy get a girlfriend?"