117: Clever Mrs. Zheng, Meeting the Parents One by One (revised)_5

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"Alright, auntie, goodbye."

"Goodbye." Ni Cuihua waved her hand.

Mo Qishen was still riding on that bicycle.

Ni Yang was sitting at the front.

It wasn't that Mo Qishen didn't want to drive over, but that he enjoyed this feeling.

The Mo Family.

The elderly Mr and Mrs Mo had been eagerly awaiting for quite a while.

Just then, the Butler, with binoculars in hand, rushed downstairs from the floor above.

"They're here! Master, Madam, the Sixth Young Master is biking over."

Old Madam Mo excitedly said, "Really?"

The Butler nodded, "Yes, they're already at the intersection now."

Old Madam Mo turned her head and directed her gaze at Master Mo, "Come on, dear, let's hurry out to meet them."

Old Master Mo responded nervously, "Wait a moment, wait a moment."

"What's wrong?" Old Madam Mo looked at Master Mo impatiently, "If you have something to say, say it quickly!"

She was eager to meet her future daughter-in-law.

Master Mo continued, "This outfit of mine, does it look alright?"