107: Beautiful rose wall, have Western food together_3

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Ni Yang, Yang Guobao, and Goudan were busy planting flowers at the front, with Ni Cuihua following behind to water and fertilize them.

She had no idea what Ni Yang was up to, but whatever it was, she would support unconditionally.

Although Ni Cuihua couldn't cook as well as Ni Yang, she was quite a pro when it came to nurturing plants!

After all, she used to be a farmer.

She knew what kind of fertilizer could make wild roses grow faster, and what kind of pesticide could keep bugs away from them.

After planting the wild roses, Ni Yang went to the yard and picked out a spot to plant two orchids.

Once everything was done, Ni Yang thought of a new idea when she saw a pile of timber lying nearby.

She moved eight large logs to the corner and then went to borrow tools like a saw and planer from the carpenter who was building a house.

As the carpenter was measuring a wooden template, he curiously asked, "Yangyang, what do you need these tools for?"