107 075: Termination of Engagement_2

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Wang Yuanzhi said: "Because we have eaten at Sister Ni Yang's house plenty of times! Last time, Sister Ni Yang even hosted a party for us!"

Ni Yang was not only beautiful but also friendly. After hosting the last party, she held several more at her home. As a result, all the children in the village loved her.

Old Lady Wang tasted the dried fruit. They were crispy and not only did they have the sweetness of fruit, but also the texture of a dessert.

The taste was incredible!

Old Lady Wang exclaimed: "Yangyang is such a sensible little girl! Meifeng, after Guobao is fully recovered, you must bring your mother-in-law, as well as Changzheng, to come and properly thank Yangyang!"

Compared to other girls Ni Yang's age who knew little about the world, like Wang Xiuhong who relied on her beauty to the point of arrogance,

Ni Yang not only understood worldly wisdom and knew how to do business, but also had excellent medical skills...


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