102 074: Mr. Mog, his new attracting move?_2

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"Xiaoli!" Seeing Li Gongcheng, Old Lady Mo excitedly stood up.

Li Gongcheng handed the bag to Old Lady Mo, "Old Lady, this is your breakfast for this morning."

"Good good good." Old Lady Mo immediately opened the bag, a bit disappointed, "How come there's no sour plum soup this morning?"

Li Gongcheng explained: "Boss Xiaoni said that elderly people shouldn't eat too much sweet stuff, so she didn't prepare sour plum soup for you."

"Oh." Old Lady Mo nodded, "This Boss Xiaoni does know quite a lot."

Strangely, Old Lady Mo felt a warmth in her heart.

It was fine that there was no sour plum soup, after all, Boss Xiaoni's cooking skills were top-notch!

Old Lady Mo now was surely Ni Yang's number one fan.

Li Gongcheng continued: "Old Lady, you eat first, I'll be going now."

"Yep, go ahead with your work."

As soon as Li Gongcheng left, Old Lady Mo opened the thermos box.

The thermos box and yesterday's are in pairs, in total, there were three layers.


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