81 070: Need to Take a Strong Dose of Medicine_4

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The atmosphere in the car suddenly became heavy.

Mo Qishen laughed, saying, "Dad, where did you get that idea? Ni Yang and I are not like what you're imagining! Besides, I'm not that kind of person!"

He did want to harm Ni Yang, but she never gave him the opportunity!

"Be serious! What is with that frivolous laugh?" Mo Fuhai scowled, continuing, "Anyway, I've given you a warning here and now. If you dare harm that girl, I swear I will kill you."

"Yes, yes, yes!" Mo Qishen responded playfully, "Rest assured, even if I had the courage of a hundred men, I would not dare to provoke her. By the way, how did you get to know her?"

If Ni Yang had been present, she would have realized that Mo Fuhai was actually the old man who had spoken up for her when Yang Guobao was having an epileptic fit.


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