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Rebirth Of A Serial Killer


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DISCLAIMER!!! - Please read my remake of ROSK! It's called Rebirth Of A Serial Killer *Remake* Updates Twice A Week ! *** If you plan to read this book, just note that this book will not be continuing. Because of how poorly written this book was, I've decided to rewrite the novel. Under the same name, just "*Remake*" at the end. This synopsis goes to the new book. *** A youth around the age of 16 is a normal teenager with hobbies like anyone else. Though, his hobby includes killing people and leaving White Roses on their bodies. After multiple killings, the news and the media decided to label him ‘White Rose’. Later, the police along with the government set out to capture White Rose. The police attempt to capture him multiple times but end up failing. Finally, White Rose turns himself in but is later shot on the way to jail by a victim's father. White Rose wakes up in a new world in someone else’s body. His new body is named Zuhn Sheng and he is being hunted by every large Mortal Sect in the region because of his powers. Follow Zuhn Sheng as he sets off on his journey to become stronger and explore his new profound powers, While sticking to his roots of being a skilled killer. AN : This applies to the rewritten version of ROSK. The old chapters will be deleted once I have a good release rate along with a decent amount of chapters stocked up.