Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite.

This is a translated Chinese novel. I am not the author, just translating for fun. Translator: Doyenro (Fan Translate) Author: Zhuang Jiang Alternative universe (AU) She can produce the most terrifying horror films and also create the most profitable commercial films; she can turn artistic films into commercial successes and turn commercial films into artistic achievements. Future critiques of Laila all say that she is synonymous with the Hollywood miracle, one of the greatest directors of all time. She even unintentionally becomes the most skilled photographer and strategist. However, she knows that all of this comes from her biggest secret, which is—she has been reborn! T/N: * The Female Lead(MC) is very patriotic to her old country, so it may be annoying to some people. * The English gets better from chapter 65, the chapters 1 - 65 will be edited soon. * The actors' or actresses' characters may be different from reality. It is just an alternate universal fictional novel. * Alternate History * Contact me if a novel of the same is officially translated so that I can stop. * Original Chinese novel completed.

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Chapter 865 - Can I Trust You?

"Roy." Leonardo suddenly spoke in a serious tone as the plane was about to land, "Do you know that I have a script for Blood Diamond?"

"I know, didn't I give it to you a few years ago, but it hasn't been filmed yet?" Strictly speaking, if it weren't for that script, they wouldn't have thought of going to the source of the diamond to find the rough stones. It can be said that everything started because of that script, and how could Roy not know.

Leonardo looked at him and said seriously, "The first time I saw this script, I felt it had the potential to impact the Oscars. You know, I want that trophy. Martin had promised to personally shoot it, and he was also very interested in the script. But something came up in the middle, the investment wasn't in place, and it's been dragging on until now. I want to invest in this script myself. Do you think I could get Laila to direct it?"

Roy frowned, "I don't know about this, after she finished filming The Dark Knight, she didn't have any plans for the next film, she's been in New York dealing with family matters."

Leonardo hooked his shoulder from behind, "This experience has taught me a lot. Even in this era, so many things can happen because of the huge profits from diamonds, what about decades ago? Buddy! My dearest brother! Help me out! I want to make it, let more people see the evil behind the beautiful diamonds!"

Roy had seen too many of his wild and unrestrained ways, the seriousness of this moment was unprecedented, he could see his determination and feel his belief.

"I can't guarantee she will agree, but I will mention it to her."

"Thanks! Brother." Leonardo smiled, "If I weren't strapped to the chair, I would have given you a kiss."

"...No need!" Sure enough, it was still the same Leonardo, Roy felt that the serious guy just now might have been an illusion.

Soon, the plane landed smoothly on the runway.

"I'm back!" Leonardo laughed heartily, jumping up without any image, the first to rush towards the cabin door.

He didn't care if he looked like an idol now, he took three steps and jumped onto the ground.

When Roy and the others got off the plane, he was kneeling on the ground kissing the land under his feet, and passers-by looked at him with the expression of looking at a madman.

"Should we pretend not to know him?" Xiao Ye suggested very "kindly". Then the other two were very happy to comply.

The three of them, together with the others leaving the cabin, bypassed the laughing man and headed towards the exit.

"Hey! Wait for me!" After expressing his excitement, Leonardo saw several people about to disappear, grabbed his backpack, and chased after them.

When they were about to leave the airport, Xiao Ye left for a few minutes and came back with Roy's diamond.

"Look, am I right?"

Roy certainly wouldn't be polite, he took out the rough diamond and looked at it carefully.

Xiao Ye shrugged, he didn't mind this kind of directness. If he didn't check it now, and there was a problem after he went back, that would be a real problem. It was not easy to find out which link went wrong.

"Correct, thank you." After confirming that it was indeed his diamond, Roy thanked him. He was not ungrateful. Even though he felt like punching the face in front of him, he still had to thank him for helping him so much.

After that, Roy did not go directly to find Laila but went to Bernie with the diamond. He wanted to know as soon as possible if his harvest this time could be used.

After all, it was a rough stone, and he had no idea what it would eventually become. If Bernie felt that the effect was not good, he would continue to search for a better diamond. In any case, he would not let Laila down. He would present the most beautiful diamond to her.

Seeing the diamond Roy took out, Bernie was ecstatic, "Oh my God! Oh! My God!"

In the eyes of laymen, a rough stone was just a transparent stone with no charm, but in the eyes of a professional like him, what he saw was the appearance of the stone after it was polished.

"How did you do it? This is simply too beautiful!" Since taking on Roy's commission, he had been keeping an eye on major auction houses and various channels selling diamonds.

Finally, there was a sucker, no, a patron who was willing to let him design. No, he should say that he was a person with vision who could see that he was a genius. How could he not pay more attention to related news?

But even he, in the past few months, had not heard of any new rough stones appearing. If it had really appeared, it would have been widely reported. Because this diamond was too outstanding, even more outstanding than he had imagined.

"Is this diamond suitable?" Roy was a little nervous. From the other party's expression, it should be good, but he still wanted to hear him say it in person.

"Of course, Mr. Seasonstar! This is a perfect diamond, its color, its flawlessness, my God, I can design such a perfect diamond in this lifetime! It's incredible!" He was so excited that his voice was trembling. "Are you sure you want me to design it? Of course, I promise to bring out its most beautiful side!"

If at this moment the other party took back the diamond and changed his mind about letting him design it, he would not be surprised at all. This diamond was too good, far beyond his imagination. Although he was confident that he could present the diamond in its most perfect form on the ring, who would trust him without any fame? People like Roy would probably prefer to choose a famous designer to design it.

He was cautiously probing, if he took the initiative, even if the other party really "agreed" to his words, he would feel more comfortable in his heart, at least it sounded like he was thinking for the customer, afraid that the design would waste the customer's money.

But admitting that he was not good enough made him uncomfortable. If anyone asked him if he was confident in his design, he would give a positive answer. However, he had no way to prove his ability. Could he be trusted with several million dollars worth of diamonds based on the cheap goods he had designed before?

Roy's keen mind, how could he not see his thoughts. Usually, he didn't mind teasing him with a few words to make him "successful". But now, he just wanted to know one answer.

"Can I trust you?"

Bernie felt like his heart was about to jump out of his chest, even the voice he made seemed not to be his own, "Yes, Mr. Seasonstar, please trust me, I will do everything to design it!"