Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite.

This is a translated Chinese novel. I am not the author, just translating for fun. Translator: Doyenro (Fan Translate) Author: Zhuang Jiang Alternative universe (AU) She can produce the most terrifying horror films and also create the most profitable commercial films; she can turn artistic films into commercial successes and turn commercial films into artistic achievements. Future critiques of Laila all say that she is synonymous with the Hollywood miracle, one of the greatest directors of all time. She even unintentionally becomes the most skilled photographer and strategist. However, she knows that all of this comes from her biggest secret, which is—she has been reborn! T/N: * The Female Lead(MC) is very patriotic to her old country, so it may be annoying to some people. * The English gets better from chapter 65, the chapters 1 - 65 will be edited soon. * The actors' or actresses' characters may be different from reality. It is just an alternate universal fictional novel. * Alternate History * Contact me if a novel of the same is officially translated so that I can stop. * Original Chinese novel completed.

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Chapter 565 - Breaking One Billion!

If a movie needs 10 million, you can find ten companies, each investing 1 million. If it fails, the loss isn't significant, and everyone can accept it without getting hurt badly.

If it succeeds, then it's a win-win for everyone. People continue to cooperate happily in the future. While it may seem like the profits are not substantial, compared to losses, a little profit seems more acceptable.

Cooper had an answer to his question a long time ago, "I can assure you of this. Apart from financial issues, everything else is in good shape. With my many years in Hollywood, I've made quite a few connections, and the information I get from them is reliable. If I hadn't investigated thoroughly, I wouldn't recommend these three films to you."

"Alright, I'll give you an answer as soon as possible."

"OK." Cooper didn't say anything more and left the office after glancing at the three scripts.

After he left, Faaris snapped his fingers, and a man in traditional Arab robes walked out from the adjacent room.

"Take these three scripts and ask around. See if they are as good as he just said."

"Yes." The man respectfully took the scripts and left the room through the same large door he had come out of.

Faaris casually turned the music, letting a calm melody flow through the room. He closed his eyes, and a cold smile curled up at the corners of his mouth.

Laila Moran, are you ready for our battle? I hope this time you won't be defeated so easily; otherwise, it will be meaningless for me.

In the shadows of failure, struggle and weep, but that's just the beginning!

"Achoo!" Laila suddenly sneezed. The unexpected tickle in her nose left her somewhat stunned.

"What's wrong? Caught a cold?" Roy draped a coat over her; it was already autumn, and perhaps her slender body was feeling a bit chilly.

"I think someone is cursing me." Laila took off the coat and handed it back to him, pointing at her forehead. "Do I look like I'm feeling cold?"

She hadn't even wiped away the sweat from her busy work. The weather in September was still quite hot, and she had been helping organize things, resulting in a head full of sweat.

Roy smiled and fetched some tissues to wipe her, "Your body is a cause for concern. No one else is sweating like you."

Laila felt a bit frustrated. Her body should have fully recovered, but due to her inherent tendency to be a homebody, she lacked the habit of exercising. As a result, her body could be considered healthy but not robust.

"Alright, I'll find time to exercise." She stretched lazily. She was about to move to another location for shooting shortly, and she had just finished tidying up, which caused her to sweat.

"Where's Downey?" She looked around.

"He's over there talking to someone." Roy nodded towards her back, wearing a mischievous smile.

Laila turned her head and saw him chatting with a beautiful woman, and they seemed to be getting along well.

"Who's that?"

"It's Susan from the crew. She's pretty, isn't she?"

Laila raised an eyebrow. She vaguely remembered that Downey's remarriage partner seemed to be named Susan, but at this point in history, they shouldn't have met yet, right? And was this Susan the Susan she was thinking of?

Unfortunately, she wasn't very interested in celebrity gossip, and her knowledge was limited.

"If he can find a new romance, that would be great." Roy's expression was somewhat envious. The guy had been separated from his wife for a long time and had a cute and sensible son. Now he had found a beautiful woman again. "Is God favoring him too much?"

"Maybe." Laila shrugged. In the West, people often attributed everything to God. She, with an Eastern soul, took a long time to adapt to this way of thinking. "I think it also has something to do with his efforts. If he were still the same as before, do you think things would be like this now?"

"You're right." Roy nodded, "As you often say, opportunities always come to those who are prepared." He had worked hard, so the opportunity had returned to him, giving him a chance to return to the peak. Now he had a new romantic relationship.

"When will God give me a chance..." He sighed in his heart, really wanting to talk to God. In fact, he was ready at any time to be with Laila; there was no problem with that!

"What did you say?" Laila didn't catch what he said.

Roy blushed a bit, coughed, and said, "Nothing, let's get going quickly." There was no way he could admit in front of her that he was feeling unfulfilled... He was a mature and healthy man, with a girlfriend of over a year, but he still...

Laila looked at him in confusion, then followed the crew members to the next shooting location.

At this time, with the pace of September gradually fading away, the global box office of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was precariously climbing towards the $1 billion milestone!

When the news of reaching a billion was spread, many newspapers featured "A billion" as their headline. This was an incredible achievement, the most eye-catching after "Titanic."

For a while, both the name "Harry Potter" and Laila appeared in media and people's conversations at an extremely high frequency. Before the movie was released for more than three months, who could have expected such a shocking result?

Some people dug up previous reports and posts that criticized "Harry Potter" and used them for "whipping the corpse," celebrating the success of their masterpiece in getting the box office it deserved.

The journalists who had written those reports and the authors of those posts had all disappeared without a trace, realizing they had no face to come forward for rebuttal. They were well aware that, regardless of what they said, their arguments would be feeble in the face of facts.

When the news reached the film crew where Laila was shooting, everyone seemed to look at her with eyes glowing red, making Laila, who had just joined the crew, feel like she had turned into a tender and delicious lamb, accidentally entering a wolf's territory.

Sensing that something was off, she looked around in confusion, "What's going on? Is there something I don't know?"

"BOSS, didn't you read today's newspaper?" Downey pretended to faint. "A billion! Your name is almost written in the sky today."

Laila was stunned for a moment, "A billion?"

"You didn't notice!" Downey was speechless. He called the assistant to hand her the morning newspaper.

The first thing Laila saw wasn't the huge billion-dollar headline, but the name of the newspaper - "Entertainer

"Thanks for taking care of my business." She laughed lightly.`