Rebirth of a Divine Lord Book

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Rebirth of a Divine Lord


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In his previous life, despite his cruel and heartwrenching beginning, Matthew was able to overcome all obstacles and become a Divine Lord. However, because of the Universes' cruel monopoly on Cultivation Techniques, he who came from a Primeval World was destined never to rise to the peak. But now reincarnated into the past, before Earth's Spiritual Qi rejuvenated, and with over 5000 years of knowledge from the future, Matthew wanted to surpass his previous cultivation and become a God! Never again having to sell his future just for an advanced cultivation Technique. Or having to lower his head to the monarchy of the Universe. Matthew would right all of the wrongs he faced and fight for the peak once more! While protecting and cultivating the siblings he let down in his previous life, Matthew swore he would become a peak powerhouse! However, after finding the very treasure that caused his death hiding within his soul. Matthew realized that his rebirth wasn’t accidental, and he was now burdened with a grudge that lasted almost as long as the Universe itself. Now, with a 5000-year time limit, Matthew was forced to become as strong as the Universe Lords themselves before they found him. Will Matthew grow fast enough, or will his enemies find him before that? This is the story of a man who, born with nothing, would fight for the glory he always wanted. ————————————————————————— The picture on the cover or the one I have used in the character illustration chapter does not belong to me. They were just creations I found that resembled how the characters I had imagined looked. If the creator wishes for me to take them down, please contact me. ————————————————————————— If you like this type of novel or my writing in general, be sure to check out my other novels, Pay-to-Win Martial Emperor and Transmigration: Children of The Plane. ————————————————————————— Personal Links. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/qhZjTJSFTs Support me here at Kofi! https://ko-fi.com/slarbi123


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