17 Hidden Shadow Wolf

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In a forest somewhere in the Snow Ridge Spruce Reserve.

Su Ming was leading Su Hui and Su Yi through the forest to exercise.

With their huge bodies, they could no longer train in the cave like before.

Therefore, after obtaining the approval of Father Wolf and Mother Wolf, Su Ming brought Su Hui and Su Yi to train in the forest not far from the cave every morning until noon.

With the size of the three wolves, very few animals could injure them. Therefore, the wolves were very at ease.

Time passed quickly. About three days had passed since Su Ming and Su Hui's dual evolution.

The youngest of the three wolves, Su Yi, had also successfully evolved into a Michigan Valley Wolf.

In this way, Su Ming also investigated its three evolution paths on the night his sister evolved.

Like Su Ming and Su Hui, Su Yi's first two evolution paths were still the Moon Herd Silver-clawed Wolf and the Frost Bosch Wolf.

However, it displayed a new supernatural wolf species on the third line, the Last Shadow Hidden Abyss Wolf.

[Last Shadow Hidden Abyss Wolf]: A supernatural creature that lives in the Mundo World. Its body length is 2.8 to 3 meters and its shoulder height is 1 to 1.2 meters.

As wolves that had been in the dark world for a long time, they were naturally the controllers of the shadows. They could hide in the shadows and move behind their opponent without anyone noticing to deliver a fatal blow.

At the same time, the Last Shadow Hidden Abyss Wolf could also control its shadow to trap or attack its opponent. The growth limit of this species was from the fifth level of the Elite Realm to the second level of the King Realm.

Without thinking much, Su Ming chose this path for his sister. This supernatural wolf seemed to be different from him and Su Hui.

Not only was it suitable for head-on combat, but it could also assassinate secretly. It could be considered a wolf species with many abilities. Su Ming thought very highly of its potential.

Just as Su Ming chose, the evolution conditions of the Last Shadow Hidden Abyss Wolf were also displayed.

[Evolving into Last Shadow Hidden Abyss Wolf]

Daily Condition One: Run for five hours every day.

Daily Condition Two: Absorb the moonlight for four hours.

Mandatory Condition One: Devour the Shadow Lotus.

Mandatory Condition Two: Swallow three Wind Speed Grass (0/3).

[Shadow Lotus]: A rare three-star plant. It has mutated from the high mountains in the Snow Ridge Spruce Reserve. It is colorless and odorless and is well hidden in the shadows. Ordinary creatures are unable to notice its existence at all. Only those with the Shadow Escape talent can sense it.

After consuming this mutated plant, it would produce a shadow force in the user's body. It could be used on the surface of the user's body and would allow the user to blend with the shadow.

[Wind Speed Grass]: A rare one-star grass mutated from the Moss Grass in the Snow Ridge Spruce Reserve. Its surface is green and is no different from ordinary plants. However, it makes a high-frequency sound when blown by the wind.

After consuming this mutated plant, it could increase the user's agility by a little.

The first two conditions were the same. It was still running and absorbing moonlight. However, there were differences when it came to the last two conditions.

The two medicinal herbs Su Ming's sister needed were both rare-level herbs. In other words, in a sense, it might be even harder for it to complete its evolution.

Fortunately, the Shadow Lotus was not easy to find. Only those with Shadow Escape talent could discover it.

Su Ming felt that this so-called Shadow Escape talent was probably something creatures like Su Yi who had evolved in this direction had.

Secondly, the Wind Speed Grass also had a certain degree of concealment. It could only be sensed when the wind blew.

In this way, these plants would not be discovered by other creatures and they could avoid a fight.

Now, the three wolves used the morning to run and train as they tried to find the plants they needed to complete the mutation.

However, they had never even seen the most ordinary Moonlit Grass, let alone the Exploding Flame Weed and the Fractured Weed.

Su Ming was not discouraged. He knew very well that if it was so easy for them to find it, it would not be called a mutated plant.

It had to be known that even the most ordinary Moonlit Grass was an outstanding product that had mutated from the original species.

Moreover, Su Ming estimated that the change brought by this special energy had only just begun. Perhaps the mutated plants they needed were still in the midst of mutation.

It was late in the morning and almost noon.

The sunlight that shone into the forest suddenly became much stronger. The three wolves had been training for about four to five hours.

Su Ming, who was in the lead, slowly slowed down and stopped. He looked at the sunlight above and then looked up at his somewhat tired younger brother and sister beside him.

In the end, he made a decision and ended this training. He immediately returned to the cave in the back.


A soft wolf roar sounded from Su Ming's mouth.

With the experience of training together these few days, Su Hui and Su Yi immediately understood the meaning after hearing this roar.

Then, they turned around and followed behind Su Ming, running towards the wolf den.

The place where the three wolves trained was not far from the wolf den, so it naturally did not take long for them to arrive.

They quickly returned to the wolf den.

At the entrance of the cave, the eldest and second brothers guarding the cave stood up slightly and were vigilant of the creatures that were about to appear in front of them.

However, after seeing that it was Su Ming and the others, the two wolves put away their vigilance and continued to sit at the entrance of the cave to uphold their duty.

Looking at the figures of the two wolf brothers, Su Ming thought of their respective mutation abilities, [Sharp Fang] and [Sonic Speed].

A few nights ago, not only did Su Ming use the interface to investigate Father Wolf's value, but he also checked the other members.

The outcome was as he had expected. Other than Father Wolf, no other wolf had special mutated abilities.

At the same time, as the leader, Father Wolf was far superior to the other members in terms of level and value.

For example, the two wolf brothers just now were both at the third level of the Ordinary Realm, and their strength and speed were also around 5.

They were simply incomparable to Father Wolf.

Passing by the wolf brothers, the three wolves walked into the cave. What greeted them were four to five wolf cubs playing with each other.

It had been more than a week since Su Ming mastered walking. Even the slowest wolf cub could finally learn to walk.

At this moment, the previous group of hungry little fellows were no longer in the wolf den. Instead, it was replaced by a group of playful little wolves.

They did not have Su Hui's perseverance or Su Yi's intelligence. They were as ignorant as ordinary wolf cubs.

It was not that Su Ming had never tried to get them to join his three wolves' training. However, these little fellows were either attracted elsewhere or stayed rooted to the ground after running a few steps.

This made Su Ming somewhat helpless. After all, he still wanted to nurture more future combat strength for the wolf pack.

Unfortunately, rotten wood could not be carved.

This also made him understand that Su Hui and Su Yi were special cases. They were unique existences among the wolf cubs. Not every wolf cub could train with him like them.

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