Yo, peeps!

As you would have guessed from the title, I have decided to start the withholding for a mass final release.

And, because I got a little sick, I decided to start it right now, so you guys would get the semi-finals and finals at the final release.

I kicked my bed cover at night and got a bad throat, and just when it was about to get better, I kicked my cover again and my throat went back to bat shit crazy, so I decided that I will not be posting till the finals are out of the way.

I have no idea when I will post, it might be a month for all I know. It will be a long time, I don't do well when I don't have a schedule to keep up, plus my workload has increased a lot, as I am studying for an entrance exam for my Masters/Post-Graduation degree.

If you guys want to see something in the finals, please suggest, any scenario, any interactions, who do you want in the audience, how do you want the audience to react, anything you might want to see in the upcoming game, drop them in the comment section, and please keep the final result out of those suggestions.

So, toss this fic on the back of your mind and someday in the near future, you guys will either get a notification from Webnovel (if you have this fic in your library), discord members who have subscribed for chapter-notifications will get their notification there, or you might see it in one of the charts as a mass-release is a big thing and this fic is bound to get in one of the charts.

So, until then, I hope you guys find a lot of enjoyable content to read/watch/listen to/play.

Let's hope that I get the chapters out as soon as possible.

See ya,


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