Rebirth: Endless Reign Of Love And Vengeance Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Rebirth: Endless Reign Of Love And Vengeance


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*Mature Content* Serena Delarosa had lived her life oblivious to the enemies that she called her friends. Until the day that died that her eyes were finally opened. Getting a second chance and being reborn five years before her death, she vowed vengeance on all that had wronged her. She was never going to let herself be hurt again. She promised pain to all her enemies and lots of love to the only man who ever truly loved her. She told herself that this time around, she will be happy, celebrating her enemy's pain and living well with the man next to her. But in her path for revenge, will she gain or lose the man she hopes to spend the rest of her life with? "This time around, my reign of vengeance will be endless," she uttered coldly.