Rebirth: Divine Machine-Making Master Book

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Rebirth: Divine Machine-Making Master

Lang Li Bai Piao

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When he woke up, Elon realized that he had been reborn. He had been reborn to the day when the epoch-making virtual reality game "Take-off" was released. Everybody else thought of it as just a game, but Elon knew more than anyone that magic creatures would invade two years later and everything in "Take-off" would appear in the real world. To grasp his fate in his hands and avoid the ending he had in his previous life, Elon immediately obtained a supreme game console and drew for the divine-level talent [Divine Machine-Making Master]. [Divine Machine-Making Master] Abilities: 1, When making a machine or gear, disregard its level +10 2, When making a machine or gear, randomly obtain one to three unique attributes 3, When making a machine or gear, the critical rate increases by 99%... From then on, a divine machine-making master and a robot armor that every magic creature feared was born.