Rebirth, but why? Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Rebirth, but why?


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    Love is a very beautiful feeling, then why it turns out an ugly scar for her.           Sia never understand what she has done wrong, she for her entire life love Arnav, she never cheated on him or do anything wrong, she even not hurt anyone. Then why she ended up losing everything. Her love of life, her child, her father, everything.  But then again she gets a chance to re-do her life. but why? In her previous life, she takes revenge on those who hurt her but in this process, she lost what is valuable for her, she does many mistakes, then why God gives her a new chance, she by no means a good person. But now if she gets the chance to change things for good, then she will surely protect those who love her and ignore the other. She avoids the mistakes she has done in her previous life. This is the story of Sia & how she changed her previous life tragedy, and gain life.


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