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Standing 400 meters tall and 40 meters thick, even in this forest, it could be considered as colossal. A casual willow branch was as thick as a waist of a grown adult, towering between heaven and earth, overlooking the earth, it was truly akin to a giant.

"Has Lord Willow God... become stronger?" Lin Meng swallowed his saliva nervously.

If it were not for this reason, he couldn't explain the scene before his eyes, it was so shocking, he could not describe it in words.

However, why did he think the word 'again'?

Jiang Hui did not know what was going through Lin Meng's mind, but he was quite pleased that they came.

If Jiang Hui remembers correctly, when this group of people just climbed up the mountain, there was an earthquake, and rocks were falling...

Although after the transference, the Faith Value of Lin Meng and the others reached 100, making them devout followers, devout followers are not the same as puppets, they only heartily support Jiang Hui.

Given their performance, Jiang Hui decided to praise them.

In the sky.

Thousands of willow branches hung down, driving away the surrounding coldness, bringing warmth.

"Thank you Lord Willow God for your affection, thank you Lord Willow God for your affection." Lin Meng and the others were excited and overjoyed.

In the past unless they asked actively, Lord Willow God would not care about them, and sometimes He doesn't respond even when asked. But this time because of their performance, their position in Lord Willow God's heart further progressed, how could it not excite and inspire Lin Meng and the others?!

At the same time, they made up their minds that they must do better in the future to be worthy of Lord Willow God's affirmation.

Having reassured the people, Jiang Hui's mind sank.

A panel appeared in front of him, exclusively belonging to him.

[Race: God Willow]

[Level: lv4]

[Annual Ring: 56]

[Power: Liu Village]

[Number of followers: 10]

[Divine Skills: Five Senses, Surveillance Technique, Necromancy]

[Practices: Body Refining Scripture]

[Items: None]

[Psychic Power: 400]

[Lottery Chances: 1]

Although the data didn't change much, Jiang Hui could distinctly feel his own strength increase.

Apart from this, there was still one time for the lottery draw.

He was never in the habit of saving, so he chose to use it right away.

"Lottery drawing finished, congratulations on obtaining a Bronze Gift Pack."

"Bronze Gift Pack?" Jiang Hui was a bit puzzled, the item from the lottery draw this time was slightly different from before, it was neither a divine skill nor a practice, but some kind of gift package.

Hesitated no more and opened it directly.

"Congratulations Host on gaining five Junior House Construction Orders, one Primary Spirit Gathering Array, Divine Ability Dream of Millet, and seven Inferior Dragon Elephant Power Pills."

The system voice came out and you could hear it ringing for quite a bit before it disappeared.

"Is this... a big win?!!" Jiang Hui took a deep breath and felt a slight thrill in his heart.

For the first time ever, he won so many things from the lottery draw. Regardless of the quality, at least he got a lot, which was such a feast for the eyes.

Calming his mood, Jiang Hui took a look at each item in the Bronze Gift Pack.

"Junior House Construction Order: Can be used to build a junior house. The construction time is 1 hour. (One-time use item)"

"Primary Spirit Gathering Array: After usage, it can make a hundred meter radius into a natural spiritual energy gathering area, train in it and you can increase your cultivation speed by 20%. Duration: 1 day (One-time use item)"

"Huang Liang's Dream: An Illusion Art Divine Ability, can weave an illusion into a prison, enveloping a particular area, and can also use the illusion to communicate with any target without barriers.

The power of the illusion will increase as the host's level increases. The current impact range is 400 meters, the duration of impact depends on the target's strength, will, and resistance level. (Permanent divine ability)"

"Inferior Dragon Elephant Power Pill: After ingestion, it can permanently increase the strength of nine Dragon Elephants (one head Dragon Elephant strength is equaled to 20,000 kilograms of power) (One-time use item)."

After looking through all the items, Jiang Hui was quite satisfied.

The qualities were not bad, especially the Huang Liang's Dream divine skill, which surprisingly was another growing divine skill that could improve along with his level.

If combined with his previous Five Senses and Necromancy, Jiang Hui has a total of three growth-type divine abilities. He has 100% chance of drawing growth-type divine abilities, and he didn't know if it's because these things are commonplace in the eyes of the system or because his luck was too good.

His eyes then turned to the five Junior House Construction Orders.

He used to come across these sorts of things often when he played online games in his previous life, although they were not called by this name, but they had similar purposes.

"These are no use for me, but for Lin Meng's family it is absolutely a good treasure. Considering their performance during this period, it can be used as a reward for them.

There are also these Inferior Dragon Elephant Power Pills, which can be given to those devout followers who diligently cultivate."

Jiang Hui pondered for a while, and decided on the general allocation process. There weren't many things to distribute, but because of the limited quantity, it won't be possible to evenly distribute them to everyone.

"Where is Lin Meng?!"

Exiting the system, Jiang Hui directly used the Huang Liang's Dream divine skill he just obtained.

The illusion woven by Huang Liang's Dream allowed him to communicate freely with any target, thereby solving one of his current difficulties.

Although there was a word 'dream' in the name, there is no need for the target to be asleep for this Illusion Art Divine Ability to be applied.

The illusion weaves a dream, which in an invisible way covers an area within the range of 400 meters. Within four hundred meters, as long as Jiang Hui wants, he can pull any living creature into his carefully crafted illusion.

In order to appear as dominating as possible in the environment, Jiang Hui specifically portrayed himself after a certain cartoon character.


"Lord Willow God is becoming more impressive the more I look at him."

At the top of the mountain.

Lin Meng was looking over and over again at the great figure of Lord Willow God, and couldn't help but praise.

To be honest.

In his lifetime, he had never seen a willow tree as attractive as the Willow God. The trunk is straight, and the branches are crystal green.

If there were beauty pageants in the willow tree world as well, Lord Willow God would certainly take the first place. Look at those leaves, those branches, they're impeccable...

Stroking his goatee, Old man Lin was very excited.

However, just when Old man Lin was about to continue his praise with his lifelong accumulated vocabulary, the sight before him began to change rapidly...

"What... what's going on?"

Old man Lin had never seen such strange spectacle before and immediately became extremely nervous.

Before he could figure out what was going on, a voice resembling a thunderous roar and a deep bell entered his mind.

The voice came from all directions, and it echoed everywhere, it was impossible to determine where it came from.

Accompanying it, a majestic figure slowly came into the vision of Old man Lin.

For a moment.

The sky was dazzlingly bright, as if in the sky, there were countless rotating suns shining brightly.

Old man Lin was scared stiff.

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