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This was a significant discovery, Jiang Hui originally thought that a believer's faith value could only reach 100, but it now seemed to be far more. He was keen to see how far the faith value could go.

The most important thing is.

Jiang Hui had a faint feeling that if he could reach a certain level someday, these believers with high faith values seemed to be able to undergo some qualitative changes along with him.

Of course, this was just his guess, and the following results would need to verify it, but regardless, he had discovered a new hidden continent.

If it was a bit nauseating, at least these blood could also fertilize the soil, making his root system develop even more.


A galaxy flows across, years pass by like a monument.

In the cycle of sunrise and sunset, spring, summer, autumn and winter, six years passed in a flash...

Six years didn't mean much to Jiang Hui, but for Lin Meng and others, these six years could absolutely be written as a history of struggle.

Diligent learnings like sprouting in the spring, though unseen in its growth, it brings progress each day. Ceasing to learn is like a grindstone for a knife, not seen in its damage, yet it diminishes every day.

After countless days and nights of hard grinding and frugal meals, their progress wasn't small. Even Lin Meng and Mrs. Zhang, who were almost drained of their essence, had made some achievements. Their essence was rejuvenated and their strength had greatly improved.

Worth mentioning was.

What surprised Jiang Hui was that, among the whole village, aside from Lin Zhuang, the hardest worker wasn't Lin Meng, but the previously carefree Second Brother Lin Chen.

According to him, the practices taught by his father were useless and he didn't feel any progress over time, so he didn't bother to learn.

But the Body Refining Scripture granted by Lord Willow God was different, he could immediately feel the enhancement of strength as he practiced.

The nature of a young man was like an unruly horse, pushing forward and galloping in the Wilderness.

With such clear results, is there any reason not to work hard?

Like Lin Zhuang, Lin Chen hardly remembered to eat or sleep every day.

Both Lin Chen and Lin Zhuang were in their prime. Whether in terms of energy or physical strength, they were stronger than others. Also, they were much more diligent in their practice, thus their improvement was more noticeable, giving them the potential to become the second strongest in Liu Village.

Apart from Lin Zhuang, who could somewhat suppress him, this guy had practically become peerless in Liu Village.

However, the most surprising to Jiang Hui was Lin Meng's and Mrs. Zhang's eighth child, Lin Xin Tong, their last offspring.

She was a little girl, already twelve years old this year. Although she was young, her talent was horrifyingly gifted. Even though she didn't practice much on regular days, she was about to make substantial progress in the Body Refining Scripture.

But no one knew about this situation other than Jiang Hui.

It wasn't that she hid it too deep, it was just that no one wanted to think in that direction.

After all, she was just a kid in her teens, and she spent most of her time playing. If her progression speed was faster than theirs, Jiang Hui guaranteed that the next day Lin Zhuang and Lin Chen would find a hole to hide in and contemplate their lives…


"What a group of talents."

At the top of the mountain, Jiang Hui couldn't help but sigh.

The entire Liu Village appeared to be thriving vigorously. Although the population was small, only Lin Meng's family, everyone was full of vitality, like walking blast furnaces, all were quite terrifying. Walking through the deep forest, no ferocious beast dared to come out, even the lions and tigers would run away at the sight, just like seeing a living Yama.

Their dreadful reputation had already spread among the nearby beasts, such as killing beasts without blinking an eye, eating beasts for survival, and so on, basically regarded by the nearby beasts as a second taboo to approach.

As for the first taboo, naturally, it was Little Black the python.

This guy was truly the nightmare of all beasts in the nearby area.

If they encountered humans, running fast might give them a chance of survival, but if they encountered Little Black, they only had one thought in their hearts - "Don't see me. Don't see me..."


Before the arrival of deep winter, Jiang Hui had an unprecedented accumulation of experience points needed to upgrade, faster than any previous time, which surprised him.

It required 100,000 experience points to upgrade from level 2 to level 3, and a full 200,000 experience points to upgrade from level 3 to level 4. If it was the previous progression rate, it would take at least fifty to sixty years to upgrade.

"It must be related to Lin Xin Tong!" The image of Lin Meng's eighth child uncontrollably appeared in Jiang Hui's mind.

Name: Lin Xin Tong

Race: Human

Age: 13

Faith Value: 105

Gender: Female

Talent: Pure Yin Body

Pure Yin Body: One of the Three Thousand Paths bodies, training speed is five times that of ordinary people, training in yin-attribute tactics is ten times, power is increased ten times, and there is a certain probability of producing some kind of qualitative change.

In addition, the Pure Yin Body naturally possesses a very strong sixth sense, which can provide early warning of certain unknown dangers. It also has a natural affinity with creatures of pure yin.

Jiang Hui could see the information of the little girl in front of him. He has the Surveillance Technique, which allows him to view anyone's information. Lin Meng and the others had thoroughly inspected everyone.

Besides the little girl, the talents of the others were all ordinary with no anomalies, simply showing normal physique.

The little girl's talent was very strong, much more outstanding compared with her brothers and sisters. Jiang Hui couldn't think of any other reasons besides this.

Little Black also has a strong bloodline, but because it spends all day sleeping and eating, it doesn't provide many experience points, which is about the same as Lin Meng and the others.



Jiang Hui chose to upgrade immediately after withdrawing his mind.


In a flash.

The 200,000 experience points he had painstakingly accumulated were instantly exhausted.

"Boom boom boom..."

At the same time.

Above the originally clear sky, thunder roared, and a blue thunder strike a yard long suddenly fell like a sharp sword, shaking the void...

After the thunder landed, what followed was a violent shaking, earthquakes and landslides.

In the engulfing fog, a hint of unease leaked out.

"This upgrade has a big reaction." Jiang Hui was somewhat taken aback.


At the foot of the mountain.

Lin Meng and others sensed the abnormality immediately.

"Not good, it's from Lord Willow God's location." After carefully sensing it, Lin Zhuang said, his face filled with concern.

That thunderclap just now was too horrifying, like a silver snake, its power made him feel fear, helplessness from the bottom of his heart. If that thunderclap was coming in the direction of Lord Willow God, the consequences would be unimaginable...

Even though he believed Lord Willow God to be powerful, that thunderclap was just too shocking, almost like a divine punishment.

"Let's go, we owe Lord Willow God a lot. Even if we die, we have to ensure Lord Willow God's safety." Lin Meng's face was serious, he waved his hand, ready to ascend the mountain.

Everyone's faces were anxious, they didn't dare pause on the way, they climbed to the top of the mountain in one go.

However, when they reached the top of the mountain, the commotion suddenly disappeared.

Immediately after that, something happened that left Lin Meng and the others dumbfounded.

They caught sight of-

Jiang Hui's position off in the distance.

A dazzling green glow suddenly appeared leisurely in the void, like a pouring Nine Heavens Milky Way, and then poured onto the giant willow tree below under everyone's startled gaze.


Almost simultaneously.

Jiang Hui's figure shot straight up into the sky.

300 meters

350 meters

400 meters...

Finally, it stopped at a staggering height of 400 meters.

Moreover, his girth also expanded at the same time, reaching a terrifying 40 meters.

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