"From now on, you can stay in this room and live the rest of your life here for all I care," were the words that condemned Li Na to a lifetime of isolation and despair at the hands of her own family. Betrayed by her sister, Li Jing, who injected her with a lethal dose of poison, Li Na's world faded into darkness, filled with a deep sense of sadness and betrayal. But fate had a different plan for Li Na. Instead of the expected descent into the afterlife, she found herself transported to a new existence, her younger self staring back at her from the mirror. Overwhelmed by this inexplicable rebirth, tears welled in her eyes as she made a solemn vow to herself: to seek justice and make her family pay for the pain they had inflicted upon her. As Li Na battles with the struggles of her past, a new surprise awaits. … With their faces just an inch apart, he softly asked her, "Do you trust me?" tracing her lips with one finger, lightly.  With a quivering smile, she nodded and whispered, "Yes, I trust you." To her Tang Zheng was the light sent by the heavens to shed her tears away. As Li Na embraces this new chapter of her life, a veil of mystery envelopes her path. The shadows whisper, and destiny's secrets slowly unveil, shaping Li Na's fate in ways she never imagined. Note: Daily Updates

g_d · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
397 Chs