4 Overpowered Cat

[Level up]

What the heck! Level up? Oh wait, I just remembered that I also discussed a structure with that voice.

Let's take a look at the different ways I can interact with the system.

I thought, 'How about "Status?"' This is the only way I can get a status window, and as soon as I thought this, a window with green text and a black background appeared in front of me.



Name: ?


Race: Two-Tail Cat (Kitten)

Title: Reincarnated

Status: hungry, brought back to life

Vitality: 1000/1000

Mana: ∞

Strength: 1000/1000

Dexterity: 1000/1000


Unique Skill: Immortality

Unique Skill: Absorb

Unique Skill: Infinite Mana

Unique Skill: System

Unique Skill: Infinite Dimensional Storage (Inventory)


Appraisal (LV 1), Cat Claw (LV 1)


Blessing of the Cat goddess

Status points: 10


I guess you could call this my status, huh? There is nothing I can do about the fact that I am a nameless cat because I don't have a name, to begin with. I am level 2, I see.

As for my Race, I am a Two-tail Cat, and I am only a young kitten at this point in my life.

I have been given the title "Reincarnated," and I have been brought back to life. I see, so you're saying that I was reincarnated into the body of a deceased kitten, huh? My vitality is at such a high level! Is this to be expected? Don't the statistics almost always begin at 10 or some other number?

And my mana….. What the heck! Why do I have an unlimited supply of mana? Isn't that a little bit too powerful???

Now that I give it some thought, if I can get my hands on some spells, I might be able to cast multiple spells in rapid succession.

Laughing hysterically, if I am successful in doing that, I will become unbeatable.

Even just considering it is making me drool with anticipation, hahahahaha. Hold on, before we proceed, let's double-check everything.

It is very strange that my Vitality corresponds to the same value as both my Strength and my Dexterity. But I will give it some more thought later.

Ability huh? Let's see, unique abilities immortality, absorption, and infinite mana...am I seeing things, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

I am immortal, which means that I can't die as a result of aging wow, that's nice if I can't die of old age, then I will be able to travel the entire world at my own pace. That is very amazing.

This piques my interest in the journey that lies ahead of me.

Absorb huh? Since there are no details about the ability, I'm curious about how it operates however, let's put that off until later.

I see that explains where my infinite mana came from that is very nice now I can spam spells without interruption hehe. Stop right there and don't let your mind wander just yet.

Unique Skill: Infinite Dimensional Storage (Inventory) Oh, so then my inventory is infinite, which is very convenient. It's not like I want to lug around heavy stuff all the time anyway, so this could end up being a godsend for me in that regard.

Normal skills? Let's see, Appraisal (LV 1), Cat Claw (LV 1).

Appraisal (LV 1), huh? That is a useful skill, it would be really helpful, I can identify things that are useful from the ones that are harmful to me, and the new things that I have no idea about would be good.

Cat Claw (LV 1)? Was that the skill that I used to kill that Crow just a moment ago?? might be, I should practice that and get it to higher levels so that I can protect myself in the future.

Is the Blessing of the Cat Goddess next? What is it talking about? Why do I have it if I've never met a god? No way...that voice. Please don't tell me that Kitten was the Cat Goddess. What the fuck is going on? Why was a god walking around on a highway as if it were no big deal?

Sigh, why am I even thinking about this? I'm in a new world, and my previous life has nothing to do with this one.

Let's just have fun with my new life. Yes, let's do it. I'm no longer a human, so I have no business dealing with other creatures.

Okay, first things first, let's try using Appraisal on my status to learn more.


Race: Two-Tail Cat (Kitten)

A common cat, which can be found all around the world. Mostly they are kept as a pet in noble houses. These cats live as long as Humans so they are considered as man's buddies in their life.


What the? Then I am just a house cat in this world? My normal life span is about one hundred years or something like that huh? Wow, cats in this world live a long life.

On Earth, cats live up to 12 or 18 years at most. It is a really big difference.

Alright let's see the next are my unique skills


Unique Skill: Immortality

A skill granted by the Goddess of Cats, User Can't Age throughout your life, you won't gain any Weight nor will you grow, unless the user evolves.

Unique Skill: Absorb

The user can absorb the skills of anything he kills, to absorb the skills touch the Mana core of the target and use the keyword Absorb to start the process.

Note: skills that are unique to a species can't be absorbed.

Unique Skill: Infinite Mana

A skill granted by the Goddess of Cats, the User has an infinite amount of mana.

Unique Skill: System

A skill granted by the Goddess of Cats, A unique system that can be only seen by you is available to assist you. The system can Evolve with you as you get stronger.

Unique Skill: Infinite Dimensional Storage (Inventory)

A skill granted by the Goddess of Cats, the User can store anything non-living in his storage which is a separate dimension for him.

Blessing of the Cat goddess

Blessing of the Cat Goddess, Grants the user X100 for all stats.


Oh, I see, so that means I can't age, nor can I gain weight, and I won't even grow up unless I evolve, but wait, does that imply that if I don't evolve into something new, I will be stuck as a kitten forever?

I see, then I should try to evolve as quickly as I can find a way to do so. That, in addition to being more eccentric, ought to be my top priority.

What the actual fuck is going on there? What kind of a malfunctioning ability is that? If I kill someone who already possesses a skill and consumes its mana core, I can gain any skill I want, right?

Isn't it just a little too much over powdered, even I feel sorry for the individuals I will have to deal with in the future.

I suppose the meaning of infinite mana is self-evident.

And for the Unique Skill, the system is a one-of-a-kind entity in and of itself; it is a system that may develop with me. Does this imply that in the future I will be able to obtain additional goods from the system?

Well, I guess I'll just have to sit here and watch everything that takes on from here on out. Oh man, this is really starting to get to me, and I don't even know what to say about it.

The items in my stockpile form a septate dimension, huh? Thus, this is exactly the same as the seemingly endless storage space seen in manga and anime.

And the final item is the blessing...so that must be why I am so overcome with awe in the first place. If it weren't for the blessing bestowed upon me by the Cat Goddess, all of my current stats would be 10 right now.

I see thank you for the help and blessing that you have bestowed upon me I will make it a point to make use of them in the proper manner in the years to come.

Following the offering of the silent prayer to the goddess, it was at last time for me to investigate my immediate surroundings.

I am currently in a forest therefore, if I decide to get moving and begin adventuring, I can make myself stronger by increasing my level a little bit more and gaining new skills

"Grrrrrrrrr" What the is there a monster near me? As soon as I hear the voice of the growling I went on high alert, even my tails stood up alongside my hair.

"Grrrrrrrrrr" again the sound came but it came from below me and what I saw made me want to burry myself, It was my own stomach that was growling.

I am hungry huh? As I looked over to the side where the dead crow was sitting, I had a thought.

Do I have to eat it raw? I thought to myself as I gazed at it with an expression that was like that of a cat who is disgusted.

I approached it in a cautious manner and used my Appraisal skill on it


Death Raven

Status: Dead.


Mana Claw's (LV2)


It only has one skill at LV2 huh? Well, let's just eat it and then absorb its mana core.

I used my claws, and mouth to take the feather off the Raven and then took a bite.

I was hoping to taste something disgusting but surprisingly it was just like Tuna.

It tasted alright but if I had fire magic skills to cook it would have been really tasty.

After eating everything it had and only leaving the bones, I had a bizarre idea as I went closer to the bones of the dead raven which were still covered in blood, and then took a bite into the bone and broke it. A sweet liquid poured into my mouth.

Hmmm. Boon marrow is really tasty. I thought as the only thing left now was the skill purl sized mana core

I touched the mana core


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