324 Solution

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After the Wu Dynasty was established, Yan Buqun was not alone in feeling left out amdist the process of implementing a new martial path.

A large number of Devas, Heaven Immortals, and Heaven Monarchs had lost their direction and chance to participate in the transformation.

This would undoubtedly become a huge unstable factor.

However, these people did not do anything wrong. Instead, under the cleansing of the current era, their original fate had been changed and they had landed in a tragic situation.

In other words, they were lacking positions in the new era.

This was a loophole.

In short, he had missed them when he was changing the situation of the world.

While making the world more orderly and safe, how to deal with the people left behind from the old era but unable to adapt to the new era was a problem.

Actually, there were many ways to deal with them.


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