Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Cui Heng was transmigrated to another world and the system told him that the new world he was in was a high-grade Xianxia world. It was a world where Celestial Kings soared the sky and terrifying monsters ruled the lands. The strong would destroy a planet if their mood was bad and Cui Heng trembled in fear when he learned of how scary the new world was. Thankfully, the system had granted him the protection that last for 300 years. As long as he remained in the safety zone, he would not receive any damage. With his safety secured, he began his cultivation training for the next 300 years. Throughout the years as he trained, some people entered his safety zone by mistake. There was a peasant who was once a monk and a beggar. Despite that, he still had the dream of bringing peace to the land and saving the lives of millions. There was a noble who was once called the once-in-a-million-year genius. Yet, luck wasn't at his side and his talent fell and was laughed at by others for years. There was a princess whose only wish was to find her older brother. She could've become a celestial but decided to remain in the human realm to wait for her brother's return. There was a weak lady who was plagued with illness from birth but had the goal of adventuring and helping the poor and weak. ... Cui Heng befriended these people and even gave them a few pointers before they left. 300 years later, when the protection period had ended, he had finally mastered the Golden Core. Even then, he was still reluctant to go to the outside world. But when he did, he realized that the world was merely a world of Wuxia.

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300 Year Novice Protection Period

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Gigantic trees towered into the sky, blocking out the sunlight.

Cui Heng looked at the "weeds" around him that were as tall as a person and felt as if there were ten thousand deers galloping across his heart.

Ten minutes ago, he was still living a leisurely life akin to a god, playing games and eating takeaway at home.

How did he suddenly transmigrate into such a primitive forest?!

Although he was an orphan and had no attachments, but…

The latest version of "Eight Desolates Phantom Valley" had just been released and he hadn't even managed to play it yet!

The "Original God" hadn't even gotten his wife yet!

At this moment, he suddenly heard—


[Congratulations! You have awakened the Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation System. The System will serve you wholeheartedly and protect your path to immortality!]


Cui Heng's eyes lit up, and he beamed with happiness.

Transmigration indeed came with a golden finger!

The novels didn't lie to me!

It was worth it that I was a VIP who supported the official subscription for the web novel platform.

"System, what functions do you have…"

Cui Heng was about to ask about the system's function when a red light suddenly flashed before his eyes.

[Alert! Alert!

[Detected that this world is a high-level immortal world. Immortal Kings are everywhere and there are countless ferocious beasts. Your environment of growth is extremely harsh!

In order to ensure your healthy growth, you can claim a set of novice protection perks!]

[Do you wish to receive it?]

A shrill alarm sounded in his mind.

Cui Heng was instantly dumbstruck, and then he hurriedly nodded. "Receive, I must receive it!"

What a joke!

This was a high-level Xianxia world!

Immortal kings were everywhere!

Immortal Kings!

Those were existences that supported the high heavens and deep seas. Even if an Immortal King used one hand to bring up an Original Emperor City, he was still an existence who was unmatched in this world!

A weak mortal like him probably didn't even have the qualifications to be cannon fodder in this dangerous world.

If there were no newbie benefits, his path would definitely be fraught with death!

[Congratulations! You have received novice protection perks (x8)!

[Beginner's Space: An independent small world with absolute defense. The Beginner's Space will automatically wander the void spaces between the myriad worlds to avoid being discovered by powerful beings. You won't be harmed here.

[Beginner's Hut: A three-story villa with a large garden. The total area is 1,000 square meters. Additionally, it is equipped with a full set of furniture and appliances. It will automatically supply electricity without limit.

[Beginner's Farm: Automatically produces all kinds of crops. Every day, it will produce different types of food, vegetables, meat, and so on according to your preferences.

[Beginner Strongman: A beginner Yellow-scarved Strongman with weak Dharmic powers. He is good at moving heavy objects, dusting, cleaning, washing pots and dishes, and cooking. He is also good at following orders.

[Beginner's Treasure Robe: A Dao robe with weak Dharmic powers. It's warm in winter and cool in summer. It can drive mosquitoes, bugs, and dust away. You can change the style of the clothes at will.

[Beginner's Flying Sword: A flying sword with weak Dharmic powers. Can only be activated at the third level of Qi Refinement. It can be used to chop wood, or cut vegetables and fruits.

[Beginner's Meditation Chamber: A meditation chamber with weak Dharmic powers. Cultivating inside can increase your cultivation speed by 10%.

[Beginner's Immortal Cultivation Technique: A weak but mystical cultivation technique. You can build a relatively basic cultivation base with it.]

A series of notifications rang out.

Cui Heng only felt streaks of golden light flashing before his eyes, and the surrounding earth started shaking.

At the same time, a golden light curtain descended, enveloping the entire forest region. It condensed into a small sun and a small moon hanging in the sky, forming an independent small world.

Soon after, he realized that his clothes had changed as well. From his original baggy pants and short sleeves shirt, he had changed into a gorgeous robe with colorful light effects. It was very cool.

There was also a ten-centimeter-long blade and a book in his wide sleeve. They should be the Beginner's Flying Sword and Beginner's Immortal Cultivation Technique.


Accompanied by loud noises, a 1,000 square meters area of the primitive forest in front of him was razed to the ground. A three-story garden villa was instantly raised up, and a farm took shape not far away.


A three-meter-tall muscular man descended from the sky.

He was dressed in yellow and knelt on one knee respectfully in front of Cui Heng. The Strongman cupped his fists and greeted, "Greetings, Master Immortal!"

In less than ten seconds, the scenery before Cui Heng's eyes had been turned upside down.

He was dumbfounded by what he saw, but he was shrieking excitedly in his heart!

However, he soon discovered the introduction segment under the novice perks.

[Note: The above benefits are limited to novices, effective for only 300 years.

[If you want to continue enjoying the perks after the novice period, you need to pay the corresponding recharge fee.

The charging channel will open after you pass the novice stage ~️~]


Cui Heng couldn't help but visualize a bespectacled middle-aged man and a smiling penguin in his mind.

After a while, he finally calmed down.

He started thinking about his future.

"Since I've already transmigrated to such a dangerous world, cultivation is a must. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll die on the spot after 300 years. My primary goal is to quickly increase my cultivation."

"Even if I can't become an Immortal or Buddha in 300 years, I should at least be able to cultivate to the Return to Void Stage or Dao Integration Stage or whatever right? If I really can't do it, I should at least be able to reach the Soul Formation Stage. With that strength, it shouldn't be difficult to gain a foothold in a mortal territory and have the power to protect myself."

Hence, with a determined heart, Cui Heng walked into the villa.

He ignored the fridge full of cola and desserts, as well as the top-grade computer, and headed straight for the Meditation Chamber on the top floor.

He took out the Beginner's Immortal Cultivation Technique from his sleeve and started reading it carefully.

The full name of the cultivation technique was "Beginner's Immortal Cultivation Technique: From Initiate to Ascension".

This was an immortal cultivation technique that only had a cultivation method but did not have any Dharma spells.

It was truly a newbie 'tutorial' book.

However, even though it was only a beginner's tutorial, it also included all the cultivation steps of Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Return to Void, Dao Integration, Tribulation Transcendence, and Mahayana!

"As expected of a high-level immortal world. From the looks of it, I have to cultivate to become an immortal before I can complete the novice stage!" Cui Heng was very shocked in his heart and became increasingly fearful of the outside world.

Fortunately, there was a Beginner's Space. Otherwise, if he were to wander alone outside, others would be able to turn him into ashes with just a breath.

The fear made him yearn to become stronger.

Thus, after ten minutes of hard training, he yawned aloud and got up to stretch. "Aiya, it seems like there's no need to be so tired on the first day. There's still 300 years. Let's take a look at that top-grade computer first!"

After that, he put down the "Beginner's Immortal Cultivation Technique: From Initiate to Ascension" and patted the cover lightly. "Hehe, next time, I'll definitely work harder."


The sound of gas rushing out of the can was heard in the villa.

Cui Heng opened up a can of fizzy drink and plopped down on the chair before skillfully switched on the computer.

He was full of anticipation!

"The WIN10 system is updating… 0.11%… 0.12%… 0.121 %…"



10 years passed in the blink of an eye.

During the process of cultivation, Cui Heng finally understood what it meant to not think too highly of oneself.

10 years!

He had only reached the Sixth level of Qi Refining!

At this rate, it would be a miracle if he could form a Golden Core within 300 years, let alone become an Immortal or Buddha.

"300 years later, I'll just be an ant at the Golden Core stage. Am I going to step into this world filled with Immortal Kings?" Cui Heng's heart was filled with endless sorrow.

He could only recognize reality. He wasn't some heavenly genius with a primordial divine body, innate Dao fetus, or invincible divine body.

He was just an ordinary person.

Hence, he continued to wake up early every day, cultivate, collect food, let the Yellow-scarved Strongman cook, eat, play games, drink coke, and cultivate.

But one day, when Cui Heng was collecting vegetables at the farm, he suddenly saw a dirty figure falling from the sky.

The figure landed directly on the beef tendon that was just produced today.

He was stunned.

"What is going on? How did someone come in?!!!!"