Reality Master: Multiversal Summon Book

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Reality Master: Multiversal Summon


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After my mother died, I became just a poor adult who couldn't figure out what to do with my life. However, suddenly, the drawers in my closet were full of Novels and Manga that I didn't remember being there before. One book caught my eye, and when I picked it up, it glowed and caught fire. After a severe headache, some things appeared in my vision as if I was crazy. [ Welcome to the Summon System ] [ Novels and Manga in your collection - Re: Zero | Naruto | No Game no Life | ] [ List of Items and Characters available for summoning ] [ Characters - Emilia | Rem | Ram | Echidna | Sakura | Hinata ] [ Items - Gold | Grimoire | Kunai | Shuriken ] And after that, my life changed completely. ///**/// My patreon: patreon.com/parodygirl