67 Chapter 67- Adori Zahard vs Lo Po Bia Yacinth

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As both her teammates fought hard, Adori also faced her own opponents, two of them at the same time, the glasses light bearer and Yacinth himself.

Looking at the situation, however. It wasn't Adori the one who struggled and instead, it was the both of them who had a hard time coping against her as cold sweat poured furiously from their backs.

She never took initiative to attack them first and only blocked every attack they sent from afar as they knew that once they carelessly got too close, they would be easily sliced in pieces.

Looking at the sword in her hand, it wasn't anything special and looked exactly like the swords which could be bought easily and cheaply in the market.

But it wasn't the sword which was dangerous, it was the wielder who used it, Adori Zahard!

Facing her even only with her common sword was really dangerous.

The amount of shinsu concentrated on the sword was immense, they could feel the dangerous feeling it exuded with their animal instincts which blared continuously to warn them to avoid it at all cost.

It was as if facing her was akin to go against certain death at every second. They knew it was given that she was very powerful, but not this powerful. No matter how they attacked and how much they attacked, it wouldn't budge her at all.

Looking at her white hair and sword, Yacinth had a thought. 'Is she secretly an Arie? But if she is truly an Arie, it doesn't make sense since they would check her bloodline and claim her as their own with her talent.'

He quickly dismissed those thoughts. 'It doesn't really matter what her real identity is. What matters now is how to create an opening in her defense quickly before she starts to become serious and decides to end us for real. It seems that I have to use that technique."

He turned to the glasses man and spoke. "Stall her and give me some time to use that special skill. She is still playing around so try to keep her interested and invested for a while."

"Alright." The glasses man nodded solemnly, though he was a bit surprised that Yacinth would use that skill. It seemed that Yacinth was really determined to live to meet his little sister.

The glasses anima controlled three green lighthouses to move and position them in a triangle form.

Lighthouse Control: Triangle Barrier Formation!

The three lighthouses emitted a greenish shinsu barrier which covered Adori and imprisoned her. However, he wasn't done yet as many little birds started coming out from the lighthouses as they circled just outside of the barrier.

Anima Control: Gust of Wings!

The birds started to spin with their wings and fly straight with their sharp beaks straightened like a dart toward Adori who was trapped inside the barrier.

Once the birds touched the barrier, it opened a space for each of them to pass through unhindered.

The scene which was unfolding in the barrier was unable to be seen as the birds filled it and blocked the view from outside. However, it only lasted for a split second as the birds went through the barrier again.

The glasses anima tried to steer them back to turn around to fly through the barrier once again. However, suddenly, an incredible scene unfolded.

The flying birds suddenly dropped on the ground as their heads, wings, and bodies slid and separated from each other as if there was a blade that cut them all at the same time, just after they flew out of the barrier.

"This is!?" The anima looked at the scene in horror.

His Shinheuh wasn't powerful nor special, but they were fast and many in numbers. Even if Adori was a princess of Zahard, she shouldn't be able to attack so many targets at the same time.

She couldn't possibly control so many bangs to do it, and a big shinsu attack wouldn't leave such a mark in the birds.

'To leave such a precise cut on every single of them, there was only a single possibility.' The anima thought in a split second and turned to look at his lighthouse barrier when a flash of white suddenly shined brightly inside the barrier.

His instinct flared as he reacted swiftly and stepped back before the barrier broke down and was instantly followed by his three lighthouses.

He only saw a white flash that destroyed his lighthouses and moved toward him, creating a deep gash on the ground where he had stood previously.

If he didn't react quickly, his fate would have been the same as his lighthouse.

'That attack was so fast, if my lighthouses didn't block it, I would die without being able to react. Her power is truly monstrous even by princesses of Zahard's standard. Even with "that", we only have a single chance.'

The glasses anima rapidly thought as he looked ahead warily, seeing Adori coming out of the barrier and strolled casually without any apparent wounds on her body.

"How did you able to use Arie Swordsmanship?" He spoke with apprehension.

Adori continued to walk without paying his words any heeds.

Seeing this, he tried again with other words. "Princess, I know that most likely you have figured out our reason for doing this, don't you want to know our backer?"

Hearing his words, Adori stopped walking.

Seeing his words had been effective, a smile curled upon his face.

"Princess-" His mouth moved as he tried to talk, however, Adori suddenly disappeared from his sight as he felt a weightless sensation on his neck.

He felt that he was being pulled backward and his vision changed as he only saw a vast expanse of the blue sky.

"If you want to talk, at least show your sincerity." A soft voice suddenly came out from his behind as he realized his situation and quickly looked down.

There, he saw his headless body and smiled wryly.

"I can't appear cool with my glasses anymore." He said his last words as he rapidly lost the feeling of all of his senses, and his vision turned dark into the eternal abyss.

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