1 I Am Dead?

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Shen You slowly woke up from her sleep. The heavy feeling earlier seemed to have lightened quite a bit.

She felt as if her entire body was floating.

"Could it be that my body has become thinner after sleeping for too long?" Shen you thought naively.

She tried her best to open her eyes, wanting to look around.

Her memory was still stuck on the day when she suddenly fainted.

A month before she suddenly fainted, she seemed to have been diagnosed with "Brain Glioma.".

"This feeling..." Shen You suddenly realized something.

She struggled to see everything around her. "I'm not... dead, am I?"

"Ding! You're right!" A voice rang out.

Shen You suddenly felt her entire body regain its strength.

She sat up abruptly and found herself lying in a pitch-black space.

"Where am I?" Shen you asked loudly. "Who are you?"

The voice didn't say anything else.

Suddenly, a huge screen appeared in front of Shen You.

Shen you couldn't open her eyes because of the dazzling light.

It wasn't until she finally got used to the light that she raised her eyes to look again, only to find that the screen was playing... a TV series?

Shen You stared blankly at the familiar characters and plot that kept playing.

"This is..." Shen You looked at the familiar face which was full of tears.

"This is you..." The voice sounded again.

Shen You was taken aback and asked loudly again, "Who are you!"

"Do you want revenge?" The voice did not answer Shen You, but asked a strange question.

"No! I don't!" Shen You said firmly.

The voice was a little surprised. "You are the biological daughter of the Shen family, but you live so pitifully..."

"Everything in the Shen family... including that man, should be yours!" The voice seemed to be anxious.

"I don't want revenge!" Shen You emphasized again. "I only want... to live..."

Shen You said this with a little desolation.

Her gaze was fixed on her dying body lying on the bed.

She had no relatives or friends by her side.

Until her death, she was all alone.

Shen You felt that she had lived too sullenly!

Her identity had been changed since birth!

She was clearly the Shen family's daughter, but she had been abandoned in the countryside since she was young.

It was not easy for the Shen family to find her when she was in her teens, but she realized that everything in the Shen family was incompatible with her.

And the one who made it impossible for her to live in the Shen family was the "real" daughter of the Shen family, Shen Jiao!

A child who was originally from the countryside had become the daughter of the Shen family by accident.

And Shen You had been struggling in the mud pit for more than 10 years and then was inexplicably recognized.

Shen You also did not know why the Shen family had found and brought her back.

It was probably because rumors were terrible!

After all, someone had provided clues about the 'real daughter' Shen You.

No matter how unwilling the Shen family was, they still had to do a paternity test to see if she was really the missing pearl.

Who would have expected that this test would really find a relationship in the DNA.

The Shen family was probably cursing in their hearts.

Why did they have to do a paternity test for no reason? This time, they were being held up by a 'country bumpkin!

But since the test was done, the Shen family couldn't let this daughter of theirs wander among the people anymore.

Thus, under the circumstances where both parties were unwilling, Shen You was brought back to the Shen family.

At the beginning, the Shen family was quite polite to Shen You.

After all, they were related by blood, so they couldn't go too far.

However, Shen You didn't know if she was unlucky or if she really had a conflict with Shen Jiao.

Anything that had anything to do with Shen Jiao would always make Shen You the one who suffered.

After a while, it was rumored that the birth dates and horoscopes of Shen You and Shen Jiao countered each other.

To this, Shen You couldn't figure it out.

Their birth dates and horoscopes were clearly the same.

Who was the one who actually countered the other?

A tear drop fell from Shen You's eyes along with her on the screen.

The voice sounded in her ear again. "If I ask you to do it again... are you willing to do it?"

"Do it again?" Shen You obviously didn't understand what the voice meant.

"You are actually a supporting character in a book, and the protagonist of this book is Shen Jiao!" The voice said coldly.

"No wonder!" Shen You sighed. "Who can withstand the protagonist's halo!"

"I don't want to die a miserable death again," Shen You said with some grievance.

"I can help you," the voice came again.

"How?" Shen You asked with confusion, with expectation flashing in her eyes.

She didn't want to die yet!

She hadn't lived enough!

"You can call me 'system,'" the voice introduced itself, "Although I can't change the settings of this book..."

"But, I can help you, being a female supporting role, gain a new life!" The voice of the system sounded very determined.

Shen You did not respond, only waiting quietly.

"I can help you return to when you were 18 years old, but..." the voice continued, "You need to rely on your own strength to extend your life!"

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