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Read ‘READY OR NOT’ Online for Free, written by the author mistalee_, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ADVENTURE Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, COMEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Rudra is as ordinary as any college student can get. Club activities, assignment deadlines, his insufferable crush on hi...


Rudra is as ordinary as any college student can get. Club activities, assignment deadlines, his insufferable crush on his class's goddess— you know, the usual. Well, until a minor accident pushes him into a game world. With a flying meatball for a guide and a decadent System who is tired of her job, Rudra has no other choice but to abide by the game's rules to progress forward. Until, he stumbles on a secret. The game world is mysteriously entangled with the real world. And a war is brewing in the shadows of the calm and exorbitant game world, questioning his very reason for waking up there. As he travels between both worlds in a race against time, Rudra needs to make a bunch of decisions: stick with the Demiurges or the Rogue. Or simply save himself and no one else. Though whatever the decision, first, he needs to find some pants that goddamn actually fit.

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