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Reader Reincarnated In Novel


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# No- harem A innocent reader who always read the emotional novel and always cired like a little baby over them. He was once reading a novel which was so tragic of a novel that many people started started to took and give it as a challenge to read the complete novel. And same happened with this reader named Derek, who was given a challege by his friends. He wanted to give up many times in mid way by dropping this novel because MC in this novel was really miserable to the limit and even died at the hand of villain at end insted of killing villain. In novel, after the age of 9, Mc's life started to go downhill. Derek was sobbing at end while still muttering to himself that author was really cruel to do such a thing with MC, and if he was there he would definitely Mc. After sleeping, next day, Reader woke up in that same novel with some blue transparent screen in front of him. [ Ding! Host have awakened Main Mc Helping System ] [ Ding! Host should choose a sub system for it to integrate with Main System ] For every 100 power stones there would be bonus chapter.


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